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IFSI contest: the criteria for applying

Integrate training for nurses (s) IFSI is subject to selection (of competition) but also to certain conditions of age, degree level, etc. Do you fill? Discover without delay.

No less than 17 years

If there is no upper age limit, however you can not have less than 17 years old on December 31st of the year you spend the admission tests. For example, if you spend your contest in April 2015 to a year in September 2015, you must be 17 on or before December 31, 2015

Baccalaureate (all series) or are terminally and subject to get your degree

As recognized equivalent Diploma Bachelor

State Diploma of Medico-Psychological Help with work experience of 3 years full-time equivalent

You then will present the classic entry in IFSI contest consists of 3 races:

2 written qualifying tests: 3 questions about a text 1 to 2 pages on health and social fields (2 hours) + aptitude tests (2 hours). If the average of the two scores is greater than or equal to 20/40 and no score below 8/20, access to the admission test.

1 oral admission test: presentation of a health or social theme followed by a discussion with the jury (10 minutes preparation, 30 minutes of interview). Score below 10/20 playoff

You do not have the Bac or equivalent but you worked 3 years in the health sector and nursing home (other than the owner of the State Diploma caregiver, child care auxiliary and medical and psychological help ) or 5 years in another professional, you can also introduce you to the competition but by first passing through a pre-selection jury.

It consists of:

on a test file (composition of the file: covering letter, certificates of level of general education, degrees and diplomas, list of successive jobs, proof of continuing professional development cycles followed)

a French test 2 hours (text summary)

Must obtain a higher overall rating than or equal to 20/40 and no score below 7/20 in order to then move the competition tests.

Degree of caregiver State (AS) + 3 years of full-time equivalent exercise

Diploma of state child care assistant (PA) + 3 years of full-time equivalent exercise.

You shall then review the specific selection reserved for AS and AP with 1 selection test consisting of a written analysis of three professional situations (2:00) scored on 30.


case C

There are bridges with tests for exemption

certain health professions (midwife, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, chiropodist, medical electroradiology manipulator, hospital assistant Hospices Civils de Lyon )

PACES of the students who have completed their first year. These candidates can then benefit from a waiver in 4 EU IFSI, and have a limited quota of 10% of places offered.

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