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humanitarian doctor

The general humanitarian medical doctor is required to exercise in crisis whether as a result of a natural disaster, war or an epidemic. He must adapt his practice to limited technical means, know and understand the environment in which it is located.

The humanitarian medical mission

Mission emergency, humanitarian doctor operates, and consults must be content with the means at hand that have nothing to do with the Western-equipped rooms. Mission development, it borders the local doctors to send them the latest medical knowledge applicable in developing countries. Because it is first to train local medical personnel. NGOs call for medical specialists in very specific emergency and post-emergency reconstructive surgery. In many areas the humanitarian doctors are essential. In times of war or epidemic, it is their work that everything rests.

The training how to become a humanitarian doctor

Like all doctors, humanitarian doctors (general practitioners or specialists) must follow a course of nine years. A Red Cross, they have to justify a mandatory training (public health or medicine tropicale-> rub21], and an experience of minimum three years. English is essential. A MSF (Doctors Without Borders) a license or a replacement hospital internship year is requested. a MDM (Medecins du Monde) internal are also accepted, but doctors being specialty internship must have already completed four semesters.

Where working humanitarian doctor?

Humanitarian Physicians may practice in NGOs such as MSF, MDM and the Red Cross. NGOs are in search of humanitarian doctors, medical personnel in fact represent only 6% of the total number of mission volunteers.

Professional evolution

After two or three field missions, NGOs often offer humanitarian doctor to become coordinator, that is to say, responsible for all teams on a given area.

Humanitarian doctors have a charge transport taking, accommodation, living expenses on site, social coverage and a monthly allowance which varies according to their tasks and responsibilities. This compensation varies between € 800 and € 2,500 net per month.

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