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HR: What opportunities Master, MS and MBA?

HR: What opportunities Master, MS and MBA?

Human resources, recruitment firms as companies seek expert profiles. University side, there are many HR masters, from different UFR. It is not always easy to navigate. On the other hand, some specialized schools or business schools also offer HR courses. Here are some tips to help you choose.

Julia Fauconnier

There are no Human Resources license itself, so you can choose a specialty such as AES, law, economics, management Similarly, professional masters or research are not part of a single department, some are related psychology, others in economics, management, law or communication

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ESCP Europe offers a Master in Human Resource Management and Organization which is organized around four educational areas: "human resources", "organization", "management of labor collectives" and "law and social relationships."

The Master in Human Resources Management from Cesi Engineering School (ei.cesi) is another option. To integrate three conditions: justify the required level (+5 or equivalent tank – equivalent foreign degree), pass the selection tests (motivation, test, maintenance) and find a company to alternation. Indeed, this MS takes place alternately.

The MSc International Human Resource Management and Organizational Development of the GEM (Grenoble Ecole Management) is clearly focused on the international. Title and course contents are in English. You will learn to work with people of different nationalities and "backgrounds". You will compare and study the HR issues in different countries and continents (Asia, Europe, North America and Latin )

You do not completely feel comfortable in English? You can turn to the first year MSc Management of Social INSEEC. The program of commom trunk budget management and dashboards, business plan and business creation, negotiation, English, computer. After this MSc 1 Management Social, you can integrate with the INSEEC 2 MSc Director of health establishments or 2 MSc Human Resource Management and Labor Relations.

The ambition of Management MBA ESG human resources is to make you acquire two skills, managerial and HR. For this, the MBA provides cross courses in law, accounting, taxation, communication and compensation policy. The training is open to graduates bac +4/5 from various courses (psychology, law, literature, economics, business schools). One of the strengths of this MBA: a partnership with the Cours Florent which allows you to follow a seminar "managerial position".

The MBA in Human Resources Management from ISC Paris is moving resolutely over the management of human resources. It aims to train all trades of human resources and business consulting organization by learning control of organizational, management and human resources management and the board and management techniques organization

The Isfogep (Institute of Training Personnel Management) offers a Master Leader in Human Resource Management (UCS). Accessible training on tests and interviews, either in M1 (after a license and M1), or directly in M2 according to your course. This master multiplies the scenarios within the company and ask students to ride forums, interviewing personalities (ministers, national union leaders, professional bodies managers, HR) and organize a HR Annual Conference.

SUP HR is fully dedicated to this professional field school. Master cycle, it offers bac + 5: "Management Head of HR" and ensures employability rates for students over 50% directly after graduation, 85% within 6 months. SUP HR chose to adapt based on previous qualifications of students training course (university degree, M1, business schools or engineering, bac + 4 HR).

Attracted by the strategic management of human resources and management consulting? Sciences Po Paris offers the opportunity to follow a Master Human Resource Management whose 2nd year takes place alternately: a 12-month mission in executive level business. From the 1st year, in addition to theoretical lessons practical exercises (one Looking For Talents program, a negotiation workshop and the realization of a sociological survey).

IGS 5 DHR International (8-month course in English)

The CIFFOP, "Grande University School of HR Job" from the University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, presents a range of professional Masters 2: Master International Human Resources Management, the Executive Master Paris & Luxembourg, Master Human Resource Management and public Management and Master Coaching

To integrate the Master 2 Strategic Human Resource Management of Paris X, you should hold a Master 1 in Management Sciences or equivalent. Admission is on file review and personal interview.

The University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 guided one of its HR Master course towards an HRIS or "HR Information Systems". Master ambition: combine general training, but with a special focus on strategy and management of Information Systems for Human Resources.

"Evolution is such in the HR sector that certain skills will outsource while others will they, be" – Interview ISEFAC HR

HR: What opportunities Master, MS and MBA?

"In HR, if it is a simple running, there is no evolution " Dusserre Olivier, director of IGS

The EMLV opens 2 new specialties alternately for Bac +3

ISEFAC opens new school specializes in training of HR managers

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