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How to find a sponsor for your project?

You want to create your association, ride your festival or cultural event, organize your student party or just participate in a student event? But you do not know how to do it? Do not panic, you MCAT prep online book the user manual to finance your project.

I. Consider viability

What will be the efforts to deploy, provide investment?

Think carefully before embarking on such an adventure! All potential, public and private sponsors will ask you these questions.

II. Determine your possible partners

Once the foundations laid, it will take you to be able to determine your potential partners, even those able to sponsor your project.

You can use a financial partner that will subsidize partially or entirely your project

You can also bring in a partner that will offer you an exchange of visibility.

Write down the keywords defining your event

In 2 cases, remember the fact that you can target partners both local and national partners depending on your training (you can contact your university or school), your network (eg alumni) or yet your project (solidarity, scientific, artistic )

Remember that the Internet is full of resources to help you see a little clearer. You can check directories, information on structures and businesses. Basically, it is well determine which companies can sponsor you and you really match.

Once this set list, target the person within each company will be better able to validate your request. It is, in most cases, the person in charge of partnerships.

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