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Higher education in Poland

Poland has more than 400 higher education institutions.

Best Large Polish Schools enjoy indisputable reputation and graduates hold in several countries around the world, positions of responsibility in the administration, in the fields of science, culture, industry or business . Polish qualifications allow to pursue graduate or starting a professional career studies.

Universities (Uniwersytety)

They are 17, of large, multidisciplinary, covering the whole territory (many antennas), having more or less seniority (the Jagiellonian University in Krakow is the 2nd Central European University).

Les Universités techniques (Technical universities)

Synonymous Polytechnic before August 2005, the "technical" word now describes a university authorized to award the doctorate in at least 12 disciplines (Polytechnic in 6).

It is in these institutions, considered very demanding, that are trained engineers. They receive theoretical and practical instruction from management to the social sciences and management sciences.

The list of specialties is long (music, medicine, economics, agriculture, theater ), each specialty with a large number of trades.

Thus, the Academy of Agriculture in Warsaw (SGGW) forms both econometricians, sociologists rural, veterinarians that zoologists.

other institutions

training colleges for teachers and higher vocational schools (private) deliver the Diploma bac bac +3 +4 (engineering degree). A continuation of studies at the higher level is possible through existing gateways.

Most large institutions (public or private) offer courses in English.

Some students are therefore in a Polish university to receive instruction in English, others come to study here to escape the national supply restrictions.

These courses are paid (as the competition) or expensive and require a good level of English (around 530 points TOEFL) and scientific prerequisites in the field.

Studies done in English usually concern the medical and dental fields (eg Poznan (Poznań) or Katowice), technical and industrial (Cracow (Kraków), Lodz (Łódź) and management (Warsaw, Krakow)

The English (and sometimes French) is also language courses in MBA. These mainly form Polish frames but foreigners can register and are more likely to do so. They often cooperate with European universities abroad (including French) or American.

In terms of cost, it costs between € 2,000 for the year degrees between Tray 1 and Tray 5, € 3000 regarding the doctorate. The Polish foreign enjoy a 30% discount on tuition fees, and according to the chosen course, student members of an EU country can be exempt.

For the sectors in which each of the schools, universities, academies, etc. specializes, simply visit the websites of the Polish Ministry of Education and Sports, the Reconnaissance Bureau of Training and International Exchange in Warsaw, and the pages of the Copernicus Foundation.

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