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Higher education in Ireland

Landscapes and Irish culture are you dreaming? You’re not alone: ​​more and more French students flock out. Indeed, besides an undeniable legendary aura, Ireland offers recognized training, and often more affordable than its British neighbor. Besides you progress in English!

In Ireland, the training quality. The higher education system is much like that of Britain, that coexist two cycles: undergraduate (bachelor) and postgraduate (Master and PhD). Similarly, the degrees are compliant with the European standard LMD, although it is always necessary to obtain an equivalence of Irish diplomas your tray to come and study.

Irish universities are subsidized by the state, which allows them to make tuition lowest undergraduate cycle. Count still € 2,250 for the 2012/2013 year. However, the master will cost between 8,000 and € 15,000 a year.

Apart from the universities which are seven in number, other institutions train you: education colleges run by religious; independent, often foreign operations colleges; and Institutes of Technology, which form a professional career.

To register, nothing is easier if you are in undergraduate: you contact the CAO (Central Applications Office). An online registration will cost € 45 if you fill it for February 70 € if you wait until the second session (May), and 90 € if you prefer a paper sending!

Ireland is a country of choice to learn English, the official language with Gaelic. Also, you must master a minimum Shakespeare’s language before you go. Most institutions require very successful TOEFL (minimum 550 points) to be admitted. Sometimes the simple proof of a good standard level enough.

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