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Higher education in Greece

Unlike France, which has the higher education system more complex, that of Greece is very simple. There are two types of higher education: university education and technology education. To simplify as much as possible your studies in Greece, diploma equivalence is done on a request from your university.

University education

University education is provided in universities (Anotera Ekpedeftika Idrymata (AEI), Polytechnics (Polytehnia), the Graduate School of Fine Arts and distance learning Greek University (EAP).

There are 21 universities in Greece, an open university and an international university. Their mission is to provide theoretical and comprehensive high-level training.

The academic year is divided into two semesters of thirteen weeks and four weeks of examinations. The academic year begins in September and ends in late June. Studies last between 8 and 12 semesters.

Like its European neighbors, Greece is committed to the "Bologna Process". Training is therefore spread over three cycles:

"Ptychio" or "diploma" is acquired after 4 years and gives 240 ETC. It is the equivalent in France of the License.

"Metaptychiako eidikefsis Diploma" or specialized degree is a post-diploma course with a duration of one or two years depending on the equivalent disciplines of master 2, which allows to apply after obtaining his doctoral.

Technological education is provided in the Technological Educational Institutes (Technologika Ekpedeftika Idymata (TEI)). There are 15 TEI in Greece. Their mission is to provide more practical training at university.

A specific agreement was reached between the countries of the European Union or outside the EEA. This agreement facilitates the equivalence of diplomas. The ECTS (European credits), you accumulated at each year-end validated, are all the same throughout the European Union. Before leaving, you simply apply for equivalence of diplomas at your university.

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