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Help Healing: How to prepare for the competition?

As is the case for many health professions, before access to the formation of a caregiver, you have to pass a contest. What are the tests? Who can take them? How to prepare? See our tips.


Who can pass the caregiver contest?

Let me be clear: everyone can pass the entrance exam to the formation of caregiver daughter as boy! In fact any degree or level of education is required to enter this profession. The only requirement is to have 17 at the time of your entry into the training, which means you do not have to have when you pass the competition.

However, you may be exemptions from the eligibility written tests and pass the oral intake if:

You got a degree or diploma approved minimum level IV (including Bac)

You got a title or degree of health or social sector registered a minimum level V (including Health and Social BEP, BEPA Option Services to the People, CAP Early Childhood )

You got a diploma or certificate giving access to university studies

You have followed a first year program leading to a state nursing degree but have not been admitted to the second year

How is the competition?

Each IFAS (Institute for Training Aids Caregivers) organizes its own recruitment competitions, even if the tests all follow the same pattern (written and oral tests with defined). Namely that France has about 420 IFAS, distributed in all regions, some of which are integrated with the IFSI and hospital centers. They host promotions of 50 to 80 students.

The written test called eligibility generally occurs between January March. Those who got 10/20 in these events – or those exempted – are then invited to take the oral examination for admission which is held between March and June.

a) Reading and writing

From a general culture of text to one page and on a health and social hot topic, you have to identify the main ideas of the text and comment on the essential aspects of the subject matter on the basis of two questions at most.

This section is scored on 12 points and object to evaluate your comprehension skills and written expression.

b) Scientific Knowledge

You will have to answer a series of 10 questions:

five on the basics of human biology;

two conversion math exercises.

This section is scored on 8 points and is designed to test your knowledge in the field of human biology and your numerical skills. To be eligible to take the oral, candidates must have obtained 10 out of 20.

2. The oral admission test

The oral proceeds to a jury composed of a trainer IFAS and a nurse health framework with students in internship. The interview lasts 20 minutes and is divided into two stages:

a) Argumentation

From a topic in the health and social fields, you have to make a presentation and answer questions from the jury. This is to check your knowledge and argumentation and speaking skills. This section is scored on 15 points. You have ten minutes of preparation

b) Motivation

The jury then moves on to questions about your knowledge of the carer profession and your motivation to keep training and a career in this sector.

The book Help Healing (MCAT prep online edition, 2013) accompanies you throughout your preparation for the entrance examination training institutes for caregivers and helps you effectively address written and oral tests. Detailed presentation of the profession, methodological advice, course records, recall of key concepts, and corrected annals for success!

The tests are 3rd level. In terms of mathematics, so you need to control perfectly the 4 basic number operations, familiar surface conversions, duration, volume, weight, metric, and problem resolutions.

Side Biology program cover cells, the major body systems, blood circulation, fertilization, respiratory, endocrine system You will also show in dietetics and nutrition knowledge. It is not uncommon that the IFAS also ask to fill out a diagram of the human anatomy. Make no impasse, and tell you anyway this helps anyway for training!

On the subject of health and social news, expect to be questioned about a public health issue such as obesity, smoking, alcoholism, AIDS, sports, hygiene The subject may also be more wide, linked to social issues such as demographics (baby boom, boom grandpa), pension reform, GMO, disability, environment, etc. Rest assured: we will not ask you to know everything about these topics! But you must be able to have some figures and marker elements to give.

For writing, you can train through workbooks, or even better, thanks to the annals of competition in previous years.

For the oral, try to keep you informed maximum of recent news, whether watching the news or reading newspapers / magazines, or through documentaries or programs relating to health or social. Not only because the themes chosen for the contest often relate to current events, but this gives you some useful elements of understanding.

You should also inquire about the caregiver job – its role, its status, its tasks, working conditions, etc. – as well as the training content. Consider both your personal project, including why you decided to do this course: clear we do not want you chose this area because you did not know what to do! Show that you are motivated!

Finally, be aware that most IFAS offer preparations for the entrance examination to a hundred hours spread over 5 or 6 months. These prépas let you fill in the gaps and to train in conditions in the presence of trainers who are or have been members of juries. However, these prépas have a cost, between 800 and 1200 €.

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