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He will Tray disrupted by the strike?

This year’s graduates are not spared. Between the weather that plagues the Loiret and Ile-de-France and the national strikes causing serious delays on the lines of public transport, the candidates of 2016 will experience fraught with pitfalls before spending their the baccalaureate. Rest assured, however: the benevolence will await you as announced the Ministry of Education.

end of Students spend their first baccalaureate exams from June 15, in a particular climate. At Nemours, in Seine-et-Marne, raw Loing seems the concern of many graduates. Not only the houses and streets but also libraries that are flooded.

Another major issue: the potential teachers strike for tests of Bac and Brevet National Diploma. If SNALC (National Union of secondary schools) invites teachers to strike at the trials of Bac and DNB, the Ministry of Education provides in turn that enough proofreaders, examiners and supervisors are mobilized to "cope with defections related to [any] strikes."

But especially a crucial question arises: the strike train which was again renewed Thursday, June 9, 2016, it will disrupt the route of future graduates? Currently the general assemblies of strikers decided to continue their movement. Do not panic, however. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the Minister of Education wants conciliatory account and "be sympathetic with students who may be late for these reasons." Understand, due to suppressed or delayed train. "When we are required to defer a particular exam, what can happen () a date will be set later, so do not worry, the exam will be good," she said.

We urge you to make your arrangements. Stay informed of possible delays and cuts your trains; ask at faster via the SNCF website. For Parisians, applications such as Transilien abcdtrains or Vianavigo allow you to keep you informed of major problems. The last application even offer you an alternative route.

If your test center is quite far away from home, consider taking some measures, like sleeping in one of your comrades who dwell near the hotel where you will spend your trials or even from your ride and even possibly take the first train, even arrive very early !

In all cases, the examination centers are informed of the situation and your delay will be excused. Also be aware that even if you arrive with an hour late, you would be allowed in the exam room. "If there is indeed a social movement in the area, so students can stay late to finish composing according to their arrival time," said the Ministry of Education.

The Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem also wishes to state that "There will be no breach of equality between candidates." She insists stressing that it is not "invent a fictitious strike." Future graduates, so rest assured. The problem seems in the hands of higher authorities of Education.

Be aware that the measures in force Vigipirate call for your cooperation and your vigilance during the tests. As indicated France Info, some academies that Paris could call 45 minutes prior to the start of the test, instead of the usual 30 minutes to make the verification of bags and personal effects. So check out your first convocation schedule.

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