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Global Trading The Rotary Foundation Future Vision Plan

The Rotary Foundation is involved in many humanitarian issues such as the eradication of polio. It also distributes grants to local and international levels. An aid system that changes in 2013. Today known as "Plan vision for the future ‘, the funding of the Foundation are now subject to new conditions.

Julia Fauconnier

Rotary offers scholarships totaling $ 30,000 US in 2nd or 3rd level students. Now the prerequisite for obtaining these grants is to be destined for a career in one of the following disciplines:

students must study abroad

it must speak fluently the language of the country where he wants to go

the program must be graduate

finance scholarship from one to four academic years

the minimum grant amount is 30 000 US $

To get one of these scholarships, you will also go up a draft and an application package in the following six months. You will need at the time of this issue have already allowed in the establishment in which to do your studies.

You will have a sponsor in the Rotary district where you will, will have to establish a report once a year.

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