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Get rid of stress tests in 5 ways

Has it ever happened stressing you at dawn through the door of the examination room? At least once Not that stress becomes a big panic, here are 5 simple and effective methods that have been proven. To you the zen attitude!

Stomach tightens, the breath is missing lump in his throat It tells you something? With the approach of a major event like an exam, many of you are anxious not to be up and fail. The challenge to you is therefore considerable. The following tips are good to take to help prevent the onset of stress, or to hunt when it shows its face.

Stress often arises from the fear of the unknown, the feeling that one does not master its future. Or if you can not predict your final result, you stay in contrast to master all the preparation time. It is therefore important to know the examination / contest the schedule and details of the tests. This will allow you to establish a schedule of your months of revisions, to devote the necessary time to each event.

You can also make a detailed program for each week – including varying materials, integrate pause – but while maintaining flexibility to spend more time, if necessary, on those where you have the most trouble. This will avoid you to dead ends or still procrastinating. Especially this will give you the feeling that you put all the chances on your side to succeed.

Tune in to the good waves

"If they tell you not to look at the pink elephant, what do you see? A pink elephant. The brain ignores the negation contained in the statement. Similarly, if you are asked to not worry about the selection rate, what do you remember? The selection rate. We must pay close attention to the messages we constantly send, "says Davy Jézahel, staff development specialist and author of Taming stress (MCAT prep online Colleges, see box).

Fortunately, as we are sensitive to negative thoughts (fear of failure, foreclosure, depression ), so we are also the positive thoughts! Music that gives you fishing, a smell that you particularly like, memories of success, a quote that boosts you So many little things that constitute a kind of happiness to draw box where as soon as you need them.

Take care of yourself

No, you are not just a thinking head! The revisions also solicit your body, that’s why it’s important to take care of. First element to fight: fatigue, stress real booster. You must therefore ensure adequate sleep. And there is not necessarily going to bed every night at 21h but finding the right pace, even less sleep at night and compensate by day nap if that suits you better.

Take care of your body is also feed it properly. Bet on foods that provide you with vitamins and carbohydrates, rather than fast food that will affect your digestion. Finally, get out, you oxygenate, and you move! Jogging, swimming, tennis, basketball, cycling: choose the sport that makes you the most pleasure. And if you’re not very athletic, contain yourself a walk 20 to 30 minutes a day. A great way to recharge your batteries, to let off steam in thinking of something else, avoid insomnia

Breathing is obviously an essential act for our survival. Besides most of the time, we do it without realizing it. Breathing is also essential for the proper functioning of our brain since, alone absorbs 20% of our total oxygen consumption. Breathe is a good way to fight stress, provided you adopt abdominal breathing (through the abdomen), deeper and longer than chest breathing.

To get there, put yourself at ease, sitting well back propped on your chair or lying on your back, place hands on each side of your stomach, and imagine that your belly is a balloon that inflates and deflates, even exaggerate the movement. Get used to breathe and at any time. And when you feel that stress you win, force yourself to breathe in and out deeply, closing his eyes for several minutes before resuming your activity.

Do not sulk your pleasure

Even in times of revisions, you have the right – perhaps even the duty – to relax and do you good. It has been shown for example that laughter was a soothing power over the body, and a minute of laughter equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation. Whether at the sight of a comedian, a TV series or with friends, you let go!

Give yourself also times for activities that you enjoy music, dance, cooking, video games, take a bath with his novel or his favorite magazine provided of course not to abuse it. This will allow you to leave a few moments your candidate skin, reminding you that your life does not end in the preparation of such examination or competition, and you will in fact into perspective.

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