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French Boxing: all in the ring!

Want to unwind and lay your head after a day of hard work? Try the French boxing! Too violent ? Nay! French boxing is for everyone, boys and girls, and does not need to be a big brute, contrary to what one might think. Discover this exercise with multiple benefits.

French boxing manual

French boxing is a derivative of boxing and savate. The blows are worn there with hands and feet, unlike his great British sister who did practice it, with his fists. The battles consist of three rounds of two minutes each and take place in a ring, boxers being equipped with gloves. But beware, all shots are not allowed! The fights are highly regulated and there is no place in sport for cheating and backstabbing.

authorized Kicking are three in number: whipped, thrown direct and balanced. It also counts four shots allowed fists: the uppercut, direct, hook and swing. Flexibility and stretching take a very important role in the practice of this exercise and agility essential to move in the ring. As in judo, boxers are classified by color according to their level: blue gloves and green for beginners, red and white for the development, and finally yellow for advanced athletes. The fights are within categories determined by the weight of boxers and boxers. Therefore no risk for Featherweight cross the path of a truck!

For who ?

Boxing exercises its benefits as well physically as mentally. This is a physical and aerial sport that learns to coordinate his movements and manage its efforts in time and in space. The practice of boxing also helps develop balance and reflexes. The latter also has psychological virtues, it gives greater confidence and support for physical and emotional control while teaching discipline and respect for others. It is an ideal binding on the tensions accumulated during the day and channel aggression. So what are you waiting for running into the nearest club?

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