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Foreign students: how to finance his studies in France?

Foreign students: how to finance his studies in France?

If fears of a "brain drain" of French students is regularly discussed, we often forget that the hexagon attracts each year – and growing – international students. Unesco has estimated more than 270,000 the number of international students studying or training in France in 2012, or nearly 7% of all mobile students worldwide. France therefore deceived, but what financial aid has right these students? How to finance his studies in France when it comes from another nation?

Many countries offer scholarships to their students who wish to complete their studies abroad. Check with your current institution, departments or organizations, private or public, may offer scholarships.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides scholarships to certain foreign students in France. Educate yourself – well in advance – with the Cooperation and Cultural Action of the Embassy or Consulate General of France in your country to know the eligibility criteria, schedule and submit your file.

Embassies can offer scholarships (registration in a French higher education institution), of course (for an average of three to twelve months) or high-level scientific trip scholarship (program research, cultural exchange, scientific ).

The Eiffel Excellence program aims to fund a Masters level training or mobility ten months as part of a joint supervision or co-supervision of thesis. Three fields of study are considered priority: science, economics and management, and law and political science.

Warning: it is not in you to submit your application, but at the higher education institution in France (who commit to enroll in the training requested if you get the Eiffel scholarship).

The Staff Excellence program awards are for best students (non-French) of French schools abroad and want to continue their studies in France. It is the institution shall forward the nominations. Selected students receive a scholarship for up to five years (two-year scholarships for graduates with honors or, what can add 3 years for scholarships to continue his studies to the Master).

Some foreign students and refugees are eligible for scholarships based on social criteria of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. You may be concerned:

if you are under 28 years

you are citizens of a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) (under certain conditions)

are beneficiaries of refugee or stateless person recognized by the French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA)

you reside in France for at least two years and your tax home of attachment is located in France for at least two years.

Caution: To apply for a scholarship, you must enter your Student Social File (DSE) between 15 January and 31 May of the previous year. Depending on your situation and your resources, the amount of your aid vary between the exemption from registration fees and dues to the student social security and about € 5,500.

The Erasmus + program offers financial assistance to help with travel and living expenses in case of study or training abroad. Citizens of the European Union, you will be entitled to 200 € to 300 € / month. The amounts vary for students outside the European Union. Check with your higher establishment.

Some international organizations like the UN, UNESCO or WHO encourage mobility by providing scholarships to students tempted abroad. Reference in this regard, UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has listed country by country, scholarship opportunities offered by higher education institutions, the government, public institutions or private. Please be aware that the majority of these aids concern 3rd cycles and research.

Another track: Directory of the United Nations web sites that list international organizations, some of which offer internships and scholarships. Because it identifies all aid for students from the European Union, the site is also a valuable mine of information. Must also, Campus France that launches – with filters such as level of education, the field or nationality – several hundreds of possible financing for foreigners wishing to study in France.

You study theology? A program is specifically for francophone theological students from foreign countries (or EU and North America) who intend to take a Master or Doctorate in France in this field. From 600 € for a Masters student 1 750 € for a student in Master 2 or PhD student, it is paid up to 48 months.

The "Quai d’Orsay / Entreprises"

The Quai d’Orsay (that is to say the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has partnered with a number of large French companies to offer a scholarship of about € 1,000 to students in training in the one of them (Orange, Alten, Crédit Agricole SA, Air Liquide ). More generally, large companies often have private foundations that can help you.

The university Agency of the Francophonie equity programs for students, teachers and researchers. Allocations of Master studies, professional training, mobility of doctoral or research-development training, aid AUF take different forms. Visit their site to learn more.

Finally, regional and local government councils plan to revitalize the local community by attracting students, especially abroad. Speak directly to the General or Regional Council area in which you plan to study.

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