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Focus on Professional Diploma

Patent Professional (or BP) is a level IV diploma, like a professional degree. It certifies the acquisition of a high qualification in a specific occupational specialty. It allows among others to start a business easier, especially for meat, the hair and the bookstore.

This degree is acquired after a two-year sandwich course in the context of an Apprentice Training Centre (CFA) or continuing education.

One must be very careful if you choose to do an LP. Indeed, this training prepares a specific business. We must therefore have a clear career plan and really know what we want to do.

You have the choice between sixty specialties, industrial, craft, commercial, administrative or social. The main sectors are construction (carpentry, plastering, coating paint, etc.), sales (florist, bookseller), hotels / catering and food (butcher, cook, baker, etc). We can also mention the administrative tertiary or not (hairdresser, public administration functions), banks and real estate professions.

The difference with the BEP or Bac Pro

Caution, do not confuse it with the BEP, although both teams are alternately over two years. The BEP is a level V diploma (equivalent to GCSE) while BP is level IV (equivalent to the tray). This is a continuation of the BEP and looks more professional degree. However, unlike the latter, it is acquired only by alternation and does not allow the continuation of studies.

For who ?

This training is the logical result of a CAP or BEP. It helps to deepen his knowledge in the chosen specialty.


The training takes place in two years. She attaches great importance to workplace learning. Therefore, the student usually alternates three weeks in business and a week Training Center. He must follow 400 hours of courses a year, during which will be taught a lesson to both professional and general. Much of the program is devoted to applied management.


The purpose of this training is to enter directly into the workforce. The opportunities for further study are very few, if any. The holder of a BP can directly take the team leader or start his own business.

Further education

After BP, you have the opportunity to specialize further by acquiring MC (Supplementary Statement) or following a Local Initiative Complementary Training (CFLI).

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