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MCAT prep online not accompany you through the preparation of BAC. Content of the tests, tips for effectively revise, topics and corrected previous years to train: all tools to be at the top D-Day and succeed handily!

must-examination to continue his studies, the bachelor is the first challenge of your student life. And what a challenge!

Whatever your section, ten written and oral tests await you during a marathon week in mid-June (find the schedule of events, series by series). An alternative session held in September for candidates who could not go to the races in June (with justification).

The senior year going at full speed. Also take stock of the key steps not to be missed, starting with the entry in the tray. Here and find all the information on your tray as an independent candidate.

Access over 2,000 cards and free downloadable revisions in all subjects.

Train through the topics and corrected the previous years bac (2016, 2015, 2014 until 2000) classified by series.

Finally, try and revisions in the section D-day: you will find all of our methods to optimize your revisions and avoid the stress of the examination room. And many boards of teachers to earn points on D-Day

To find out if you made a good copy, we suggest you consult a corrected free directed by a teacher, and available just after you leave the examination room.

On the day of publication of the results, no need to move because your income is available online upon publication, from home or mobile, again for free!

Section by section, we give you the keys to your success and anticipate good post-baccalaureate orientation project. Become an expert on the Post-Bac admissions process (PDB). Many facilities allow to register from June to September: discover the opportunities available to you.

We also give you appointment at the Salon of the post-Bac which give you all the paths to follow in July / August for your enrollment in higher education.

Finally, take a leap into the future by seeing everything you reserve student life: the first steps to university with administrative procedures, through housing. You’re ready for school!

Whether you are in second grade and do not know what series the tray select, or terminal and you hesitate on the post-bin path to take, you will find valuable information to guide you in your orientation.