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Fear of losing your student scholarship? Answers case by case

Touching a student scholarship on social criteria is a right. But like all right, you have counterparty obligations. What are they ? What could make you lose your scholarship? Under what conditions should you repay part of the money received? We make the point.

stock be higher education you open rights: perception of financial assistance, but also the exemption of university fees and the contribution to the student social security. However, grants are subject to certain obligations.

What do the texts?

"The scholarship students in higher education are subject to the following requirements: enrollment and attendance, practices or tutorials, and mandatory internships, completing assignments with the hotel in case of distance education."

In case of absence, you can lose your scholarship and if you do not play the game, you may also have to repay the sums already paid. That’s the theory. Many of you have questions about specific cases, we have tried to respond. Remember that you can always contact the social workers of Crous of your academy to set your personal situation.

The most frequently asked questions and their answers

What is the "condition of attendance"?

For condition of attendance, it is often the same as for the majority of students. For example, in college, your charge of TD will tend to tolerate two absences. You must be present at all examinations or partial.

I distance courses, what form the "attendance condition"?

If you follow a distance learning, you must be registered and frequent activities planned by your training. You’ll also make all the duties required.

Who controls my presence in courses and exams?

Responsibility to tell if you respect or not the presence of duties is the management of your facility. It is they who send the necessary documents to Crous. The checks are conducted under the responsibility of university presidents, principals and school leaders.

What will happen if I go abroad?

If you fellows enrolled in a French school, but you will follow in parallel studies abroad, you must obtain your institution an attendance waiver and permission to present the year-end exams .

Can I lose my scholarship if I redirect me?

What is important in determining your rights to the stock market is not the training followed, but by the time you touch.

"A student can use 7 rights to higher education grant on social criteria, for all of his graduate studies. This principle applies equally in the context of a linear course in the context of one or more shifts. "

Degree (or equivalent bac + 3), you will receive your award the first 2 years without too much concern. However, for the right to a third year of funding, you must have validated at least 60 credits, 2 semesters or one year.

For the 4th and 5th rights, you will have validated at least 120 credits, 4 semesters or 2 years. The sixth law is meanwhile granted if the student has validated at least 180 credits, 6 semesters or 3 years. Basically, no problem to redirect you, as you have validated the mimimum required.

Can I have additional rights?

It is possible under certain conditions: For each course or each cycle:

An additional annual fee is possible if you are due to failure situation in a period of voluntary or family / personal issues (death, maternity, serious health reasons). You must provide proof (Notice of medical and social services of the institution and not just the opinion of the treating physician). For all of your graduate, 3 possibilities:

you have an extra annual fee as part of a linear path in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

three additional annual fee if you have a disability and / or are top athletes.

thethreesisters (CC BY 2.0)

What if I want to give up during the year?

If you want to give up during the year and you can not spend your purse financially, you need to go to final exams and tutorials to continue to receive your award. If you do not tell the Crous that you will no longer current, you may have to pay the monthly installments.

If I can no longer go to class because of illness, would continue to I touch a scholarship?

If you have to interrupt your studies during the academic year for serious medical reasons (medical treatment, hospitalization), you should inform the scholarship management services. You will also present proof of preventive medicine at your school tuition service of your establishment and Crous service. Know that in this case, you will continue to receive your award.

I had difficulties in my personal or family life, can I touch a longer scholarship?

The law provides for granting an additional annual fee per cycle for students who have failed due to a complicated individual situation. For example, you did voluntary work or you have experienced family difficulties (including death) or personal (maternity or health) important. However, you must provide supporting. As each individual situation is unique, we encourage you, again, to contact the service of Crous scholarships.

Can I keep my purse if I work?

Scholarships are awarded, among others, in household resources you depend on conditions (that of your parents in general). They are supposed to facilitate your further studies, so we expect of you your spending the major part of your time. That said, if you meet the conditions of attendance, you should not have any problems. Please be aware that you can earn a scholarship student with RSA or unemployment benefits.

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