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Exhibition of Medical and Paramedical training: awaken your vocation!

You want a career in the health sector? Good news: the opportunities are numerous in this area. To know what are the promising businesses, which get diplomas and how to train, go to the salon of medical and paramedical training!

Did you know that the health sector has more than 200 trades?

Doctor, nurse, midwife, of course, but also orthoptiste, paramedic or therapist: many businesses that continue to grow massively, and do not necessarily require lengthy studies. Want to know more? Curious about the degree you get and how to train? One place: the living room of the medical and paramedical training.

Find the training you need!

This salon offers especially the opportunity to go to the meeting of institutions offering training in these fields, whether universities or specialized schools. You can ask them any questions on the content of the curriculum, the required level, the selection, the cost of education, the atmosphere and compare them to better make your choice.

So whatever your level of study (tray tray + 5) or your studies, whatever (s) job (s) you set out, you will find training tailored to your ambitions. The most eventually will hard to choose!

Most of the Salon of medical and paramedical training

And because we do not always have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do later, the show offers 4-5 lectures by journalists in training and orientation. Around the table, training managers exchange, meet again to all your questions and give you concrete ways to help you refine your project. You will leave you with everything you need to orient you.

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