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ESRA 2nd Round – Group ESRA

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Since 2008, ESRA offers as part of its Hautes Cinematographic Studies, two teams with recruitment to +3. These courses lasting 2 years concerning the writing of script and direction and the production and distribution of films.

Admission is competitive. Applicants must hold a bac + 3.


The training, which lasts two years, aims to train future managers and technicians of companies, professional organizations and institutions of production, distribution

and distribution of film and audiovisual sectors. The aim is twofold: ?? Provide a solid theoretical foundation students in economics, law or history of cinema and audiovisual, which will allow them, during their future professional life, enrich their perception of the trade and facilitate decision making. ?? Integrate students into the labor market, making them immediately operational and, therefore, attractive to industry recruiters. This is all the more important that it is a sector operating mainly through networks. ?? Students must complete an internship at the end of 1st and 2nd year end, to integrate the professional world and to begin developing their address book.

The Screenplay Realization are present for a long time in the teachings of ESRA. The evolution of film and audiovisual production has led us to propose to

students holding a +3, specialized training as regards the documentary feature films, TV shows that small formats. The fiction of demand changes, especially to shorter formats. France, very dynamic as regards the cinema, is expected to increase the volume of its series of productions in the coming years, under the leadership of the profession as public authorities. Scenario Writing is today at the center of major economic and artistic issues. For its part, the documentary is a genre that is becoming increasingly popular both among the public and TV stations. It covers areas as diverse as history, sociology, science, art and economics. creative work, the documentary requires a lot of legwork research and investigation as well as writer of skills. The teachings of these two forms of writing, fiction and documentary, prove complementary.

Production and distribution are subject to the same department of the High Cinematographic Studies, as these two areas are now linked. The implementation of an audiovisual production (cinema and television) is now interdependent its distribution. This is changing dramatically with new technology. The Hautes

Production and Distribution Studies allows students to acquire a thorough knowledge of financing arrangements and commercial exploitation of films and programs.

The techniques and strategies of works and marketing companies in the audiovisual universe are part of the curriculum.

The Hautes Etudes Cinematographic Screenplay Direction provided by ESRA has three goals:

Enable students who wish to make writing the main focus of their work, whether fictional scenarios in live-action or animation, documentary or cartoon scenarios, gain the necessary competence to practice the profession of writer. Allow students who intend to filmmaking to

master the art of storytelling and the mechanisms of playwriting while having the skills to deal with the staging, the direction of actor and filmmaking in its technical components whether cutting , the location shooting, editing or mixing in post-production. Finally, in general, allow students to find a professional outlet in the audiovisual sector through training on the one hand, and through contacts and meetings they have the opportunity to do during their internship on the other hand. The skills acquired during the training allow students to apply for positions in the following areas: ?? Generalist and thematic channels TV (reader, literary director) ?? Soficas. finance companies (drive) ?? ?? production companies Filmmaking, shooting, post-production artistic collaborator ?? ?? New media: Internet, short formats, mobile telephony, etc

France Tel : 01 44 25 25 25 Mail : paris at esra dot edu

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