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Epitech Launches Global Tech Epitech for parallel admissions students


Epitech, school innovation and computing expertise, launching a new program dedicated to parallel admissions students (bac + 2 or bac + 3): Global Tech Program.

This launch is a real revolution for students in parallel admissions who can reach the reference school of computer expertise.

It will welcome students from autumn 2017 in the 12 cities where Epitech is present in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse). This program through a highly operational expertise and targeted cross the technological challenges closer to corporate challenges.

2 Broad

With the new curriculum, Epitech offers students an immersion in vast technological fields related with industry professionals and as close to their issues.

"The Global Tech Program was a close discussion with our partner companies that expressed our difficulty obtaining operational profiles following courses in +2/3 tray. Indeed, the recurring request to infuse the spirit Epitech these profiles pushed us to open this new industry, to form operational very good level of technical mastery will help develop and implement the necessary infrastructure development of future products. Transverse vision technology offering a broad scope of intervention, "says Emmanuel Carli, CEO of Epitech.

The Program Global Tech is moving towards a very pragmatic approach, professionalizing and specializing around 2 main directions: system, network and security on the one hand the development of the other software applications.

With the new curriculum, students bac + 2 or bac + 3 can:

fully enhance their learning without losing a year

benefit from the educational projects in the school who established the principles there are more than 15 years,

join a course which takes place in alternate mode closer to companies – engage in an ongoing relationship with businesses in their region,

advantage of the opening provided by the multi-campus schools IONIS belonging group Epitech.

Designed for students in parallel admissions, Global Tech Program provides the beginning of each year a period of integration and upgrading.

Besides a core made of lessons as marketing, business skills, English or management, each offers specific guidance lessons including the choice between different options:

Software Architect: This option allows students to gain transverse skills needed to design software architectures. Students can understand the most used on the market techniques and technologies, through applied projects (cloud, embedded ) and team to facilitate their insertion in the market.

This specialization leads to architect software functions, project manager, application developer of computer applications engineer, computer engineer or consultant in programming and databases.

Architect system, network and security: Allows students to gain transverse skills needed to master topics related to the smooth functioning of infrastructure such as optimizing and ensuring the availability, reliability and security of data, information systems, applications and enterprise IT resources.

Students develop their particular expertise in the basic mechanisms of computer architectures and tools for their operation related processes. They can assimilate the concepts and techniques used for the implementation and administration of computer networks (CISCO, Linux, BSD, WINDOWS ). They are able to understand the various viewpoints covered by the concept of the system dependability, and put into daily practice these concepts.

Conditions d’admission

The school is open especially during open days (see dates on the site) to meet the teams and (re) discover local.

The Global Tech Program is available:

after a bac + 2 (BTS, DUT, L2) Computer science or technology: admission in 3rd year

after a bac + 3 technology, computer science or: Admission to 4th year.

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