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Entrepreneurship: What training?

Today, the desire to create his own business, be your own boss and go through with the project appear to be strong cravings among students. So for the most motivated, why not consider training giving them the keys to entrepreneurship? These courses are mostly accessible post-bac + 2 or bac + 4 post. Focus on some channels.

Par Julie Milk

In line with the action plan to promote entrepreneurship student launched in October 2013 by Geneviève Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research, many courses have sprung up around entrepreneurship.

Due to a need for some student maturity, these formations are more on + 2 bin recruitment levels and more, accommodating profiles already well trained and with little work experience.

Post-bac + 2: 1 or Bachelors in 3!

Among the courses open to holders of a bac + 2, there is the Bachelor of Management IFAG, Entrepreneur curriculum. Although accessible post-bac, holders of a bac + 3 (trade profiles, management, accounting ) can integrate this training will only perform the last year. By-cons, a mandatory condition is that they already have a business project. Indeed, in this curriculum Contractor, students are part-time and during half-time in an incubator. Installed in a dedicated area, they will spend their first months refining their project and design a business plan. In summary, you study while launching your business!

With a la carte options to refine their career plans, the 3rd year Bachelor Novancia is also open to bac + 2. Designed to learn, innovate, initiate and successfully differently, the third year of the Bachelor is divided into two semesters and concludes with an internship. Alongside the core of teaching, students benefit from an options course a la carte, for their insertion in the labor market or a choice of specialization Master. Brand management, cultural marketing, international relations, taxation, innovation you choose the 4 options that interest you most!

Alternatively Bachelor Young Entrepreneur of the EM Strabourg Business School. post-baccalaureate program, it can be integrated by the holders of a bac + 2, but they must follow the 3 years of training. Indeed, inspired by the Team Academy, a school founded by a Finnish university, its concept is innovative: learning is based on the creation and development of projects within a company created by students from the 1st year ! Hence the need to follow three years of the program.

At this level of education, the supply of available training is much broader. You choose the one that best meets your career aspirations!

On the side of the University, it is likely to Master 2 Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. His point Box: be achievable in learning. In classical initial training, it allows those who wish to spend a semester abroad at a partner university.

Other renowned program, the University Paris Dauphine: Master Entrepreneurship & Innovative Projects. His "+"? A fully interactive education, awareness seminars on entrepreneurship in engineering schools such as ENSCP, ENSTA or Polytech Paris, the "Entrepreneurial Monday" by professional data conference, a business workshop map 8 weeks

The IAE pioneering training in management and business management course offer appropriate programs on the theme of business creation and entrepreneurship. As Master 2 Entrepreneurship and management of small and medium organizations (EMPMO Master 2) of the IAE Lyon. The Master EMPMO has implemented an ambitious program of sponsorship: a contractor is involved in training for one year by meeting students and opening their networks.

We should also mention the Master 2 Entrepreneurship and SME board of IAE Grenoble or the Master Crafts Entrepreneurship and Management of SMEs IAE Valenciennes.

At ESSCA, as part of its "ESSCA Entrepreneurship" is a major "Entrepreneurship" Master 2 (Grade 5) of the Grande Ecole program) that can address the entrepreuneriat.

This English program aims to develop strategic, managerial, financial and marketing associated with the project management and the launch of new activities. Based on a pedagogy of action, it immerses students in the installation and implementation of real projects, whether in business development, creation, free, in recovery or transmission.

MSc side for English bilingual, you can try the MSc in Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Grenoble Ecole de Management. For maximum international exposure, there is also the Global Entrepreneurship Program. This unique program is offered by a consortium of international business school: EMLYON Business School (Europe), Zhejiang University (Asia) and Purdue University (USA). This specialized one-year program is taught entirely in English. You will start your studies in Europe (France), then continue in Asia (China) to finish the year in North America (USA).

Specialized Master’s programs (MS) are not left with renowned ensembles such as the MS Entrepreneurs of the EM Normandie or that of ESCP Europe: MS Innovation and Enterprise. Its flagship asset: for many years, a trip to the heart of Silicon Valley is organized for participants. This allows to meet with leaders of large groups (Apple, EBay, Google, YouTube ) but many startups with innovative concepts and follow lectures in universities Stanford and Berkeley.

Finally the MBA are not left out and offer post-baccalaureate + 5 opportunities or post-experience. For example-that of the ISC Paris, the MBA Entrepreneur, is achievable by-time (during the Friday and Saturday) and allows time for these "students" to set up their business plan at other times if necessary. At GSS, the MBA Entrepreneurship is more open to young graduates who want to add a string to their bow to "start their own box."

There is also the MBA consulting & Entrepreneurship Paris Pole Alternation (achievable alternately so) and recognized by the State Level I (Bac + 5).

In addition, the MBA Consulting and Entrepreneurship PPA is for students wishing to specialize or acquire also a double competence. This training allows obtaining a diploma recognized by the State Level 1, registered in RNCP: MBA Consulting and Entrepreneurship aims to train students in the fundamentals of running a business, to train the technical nature of the consulting profession and to accompany them in their project of creation or resumption of business. The rate of alternation is two weeks of business courses and 1 week on average for 15 months.

The list cited here is obviously not exhaustive, it only serves to give you an idea of ​​existing programs and what they can offer specific.

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The support contract business project (CAPE)

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