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Entrance examination at Celsa: 5 Tips for Success

Entrance examination at Celsa: 5 Tips for Success

Each year nearly 2,000 candidates are trying to win their place in the license entrance examination 3 Celsa, communication school, marketing, HR and journalism from the University Paris-Sorbonne, one in its category to be a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. What is the expected level? How to prepare for different events? If you want to join the 12% of receipts, follow these tips students who earned their entrance ticket.

As with all great schools, admission to Celsa wins! If the school offers several access routes depending on its course and its project (after a bac + 2, bac + 3 or bac + 4), it is the entrance examination 3 license who exercises more attractive since selects one of the 5 courses:

human resources and communication

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The competition consists of two written tests (reflection and analysis, and English) and for eligible or exempted, of two oral (motivational interviewing and English). Discover the details of these events.

Celsa is a school of literature. Difficult to get if you have not a good level of expression and if we do not care a minimum the arts, literature, culture with a capital C. This is why students from prep khâgne have often a step ahead of the other candidates.

However, students from DUT (Information Communication and Multimedia Trades and internet) or university degree (literature, languages, history, sociology, philosophy, economics ) are also preferred. Celsa seeks in effect to promote diversity within the promotions. Beyond knowledge, the school seeks to integrate curious students, especially vis-à-vis the communication sector, able to have a critical look at the world as well as good analytical skills.

"It is not enough to know how to learn, we must also love to learn and discover, and to want to open their eyes to the world around us. Beyond education, I think the CELSA looking for curious people, eager for culture and seeking to understand their world through communication and all areas that affect them. "Heloise

If you think you have the profile: at work!

You can not miss: FastNCurious is the blog of the students CELSA dealing with news communication. Created in 2012, it brings together some fifty regular writers who publish their analysis of the latest trends in com failures or even what happens outside our borders.

By giving his readers a concrete vision of communication, FastNCurious therefore shows an essential tool to prepare for the contest. Moreover it is one of the goals he claims: "FastNCurious is an original and effective way to deepen its revisions" officials explain. It would in any case be a shame to deprive!

To know what to expect on the day of the tests, it is essential to consult the annals of the subjects fell in previous years (to recover in full on Bankexam). These brackets also allow you to train in real conditions (with a watch), including the test of reflection and analysis. Feel free to then ask a teacher or near you able to read and possibly correct you.

2. Read, read, read

To develop its culture G and critical thinking, no mystery, you must read. To assist applicants, the Celsa provides an indicative bibliography, but said it is "neither exhaustive nor compulsory and that the candidate can be his." communication professionals works, sociological analysis or political-historical, French and foreign press, general and specialized: multiply the sources of information, confront points of view, not to keep back.

"I for my part read most of the books in the bibliography. This interested me and helped construct a thought. More incidentally, these readings have also guided me in choosing my section. Attention, however, they are to do with a lot of criticism. This is certainly not to learn by heart the content of the books to recite at all costs. "Romain

3. Put yourself in the active standby

In writing and especially speaking, we will try to check your sense of observation, your cultural references and your ability to argue. Whether in the street, in magazines, on the internet, on TV, advertising and communication are everywhere. Take the opportunity to be a book you, decode messages, to reflect on a particular trend. Keep the spirit of constantly monitors, including when you read a novel, watching a movie or TV series: there are chances that you are asked to speak during the interview.

"The best preparation is to read the news, to question the commercials that we encounter every day, how any speaker, media or not, present his speech or his performance In short: to ask Questions. "Thomas

4. In english my dear

Fluency in English is far from incidental, since account for a quarter of the scoring in the contest, and can get you out of the race if you’re not up to it. Put the odds in your favor by reading in English: Choose publications (newspapers, books) on communication, which will allow you to acquire more specialized vocabulary. And train yourself up to listen and speak English, just to be comfortable in speaking and to have a fluid flow: it would not be abut both words

Celsa on the site, you’ll also find audio advice of teachers in English to help you diversify your reading, structure your essay or to avoid the most common mistakes.

And so natural it is working! We must pay attention when preparing for a competition, nose to the grindstone, we tend to cram and we sometimes forget why we did all this. Or the oral interview aims to determine whether you are done for Celsa and vice versa.

Expect questions about program content or how you understand some course titles, Master of the specialty you are targeting, or just why you decided to take the examination, etc. This may sound basic but without preparation, it can be unsettling. Remember that the school seeks personalities, not "contest beasts" So the best answer is the one that looks like you and reveals but your best!

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