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Engineering schools in building and public works

Engineering schools in building and public works

There are many engineering schools preparing for the construction careers, either in the form of specialized schools or as options within general engineering schools. We present below the main engineering schools that can prepare you for a career in construction. Warning: Input competitions are stringent and only the best will be chosen.

The ENPC trains engineers in three years.

The curriculum department of civil engineering and construction, the one that interests us, includes the theoretical bases of mechanics and dynamics, project learning, in-depth experience in a technical field.

The MCAT prep online Salon real estate training and BTP will gather in one place more than 200 training courses, from Bac to Bac + 5. An opportunity to come to the meeting of experts and professionals in this sector.

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The first year is the extension of preparatory classes: there is consolidating its scientific knowledge (mathematics, general physics, computer) while starting to approach the study of engineering sciences (material strength, general engineering, electrical) and by introducing himself to business life (management, financial accounting, law, financial analysis). The school year ends with an introductory course of a month or worker training.

The NHI is a polytechnic school that provides scientific and technical training, to give students the knowledge of today’s design tools. INSA trains executives in eight specialties: architecture, civil engineering, surveying, mechanical engineering, plastics, mechatronics, electrical engineering and environmental engineering.

The goal of the National School of Public Works of the State is to ensure three-year training of engineers bac + 5, in the fields of civil engineering, transportation, construction, urban planning and the environment. Students can join ENTPE on many levels. Students from sup math and math spe are admitted to the first year. However, holders of a scientific control directly integrate school sophomore.

Present throughout France, Schools of Mines deliver two degrees: a degree in civil engineering Mines and engineering degree from the Higher Institute of techniques.

Like most schools of engineering, mine Schools are open to students in scientific preparatory classes which are subject to an entrance examination. However, each year, schools reserve spaces for students with a more marginal routes.

The Costic offers training for over 40 years. Based on research, It offers professionals practical and theoretical courses in the field of technical equipment of the building as a whole and particularly in the areas of heating, air conditioning and related sectors. The Costic also provides initial training.

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