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DUT Social Careers

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the DUT Social Careers.

The DUT Social Careers holder acts as a social worker with very different audiences (children, people with social, physical difficulties ) in various functions of counseling, social support, services, management, animation and socio-educational support.

Training content

This training is available in five specialties: social assistance, special education, urban management, human services, and social and socio-cultural activities. It takes on average 30 hours per week, with two to three courses distributed between the first and second year. Some institutions offer alternate routes.

Careers in Social DUT include the following lessons:


Other modules are specific to options: history of social work (social assistance option), specialized foundations of education, disability and maladjustment (special education), introduction to urban planning and architecture, geography and cartography (management urban), the aid relationship, well-being, ethics (human services), creative workshops (social and socio-cultural activities).

The DUT is a two years after graduating. It is accessible after obtaining the Bac or equivalent. The training is for general baccalaureate holders (S, ES channels, L) or technology (such as technological Bac ST2S Science and Technology Health and Social)

He asked the students to have a good general knowledge and sometimes having an associative or experience in animation.

Registration is only possible via the portal Admission postbac.

Admission for some options is by application and psychological testing and general culture, sometimes followed by a personal interview.

If you want to give yourself every chance of success your DUT, go to Bankexam. You will find events annals (subjects and corrected) of previous years.

Graduates of social assistance options, special education, services, and Corporate Social and cultural activities can work for the same types of structures: local authorities, associations, homes, retirement homes, social business field. They also help different audiences, from children to adults according to their difficulties (financial, social, family, physical, educational).

Depending on their specialty, they may exercise the trades of facilitator of special education (DEES after obtaining the Diploma of State special education) or social worker (social and socio-cultural activities, it puts professional up cultural projects); assistant (e) social (e) (after obtaining the DEASS, State Diploma social worker); or sector manager, assistant project manager for the optional human services.

Holders of the DUT Social Careers urban management option may exercise as a project manager, community secretary, assistant civil engineer, technical sales employee, project manager, senior technician, mediation officer, community development officer, coordinator projects average city specialization agent to the environment in different types of structures: local authorities, social institutions, social landlords, associations and solidarity for various missions, entertainment, advice, mediation, assistance.

DEASS, State Diploma of assistant social service

DEFA State Diploma in animation features

License: AES, public administration, sociology, management and urban planning

professional license: trade facilitation and social and cultural development

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