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DUT Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP)

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the DUT Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP)

The DUT of Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP) is able to monitor and optimize the life cycle of an industrial product from its manufacture to its start of production while taking into account technical, economic, scientific and requirements quality and safety.

Training content

This curriculum includes general education, technology and science. It takes over 30 hours per week and 10-week internship. You can follow this DUT alternately.

The training generally takes 2 years after the baccalaureate. It is intended for owners of S tray, tray technology, mainly the STI sector. Admission is usually done on file.

If you want to give yourself every chance of success your DUT, go to Bankexam. You will find events annals (subjects and corrected) of previous years.

Holders of the DUT can have designer trades in the design office, responsible for production line, methods office technician, quality inspector, responsible for maintenance and supervision, responsible for the area of ​​research and development, designer, agent technical laboratory, testing technician.

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