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DUT Information – Communication

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the DUT Information – Communication.

The owner of the DUT Information – Communication is able to search, select, synthesize, format and value information for dissemination in different forms (digital text, newspapers, press, book claims). The communication professional can choose to intervene in different areas of advertising to publishing through journalism.

Training content

This course combines lessons in social sciences and writing and communication. It has 5 options: organizational communication, digital information in organizations, journalism, book trade and heritage and advertising. It takes on average 1620 hours of lectures and 10-week minimum internship.

All students take a core curriculum (law, technical sound and image, research methods, computer literacy, economics, general culture, information theory and communication, English ) before specializing.

Law and institutional knowledge

Survey Methodology

Option trades Book and heritage:

Training is usually done in 2 years after the baccalaureate. It is mainly for owners of tank L. But all the other sectors are also affected, holders of ES tray, the tray S, technology tray, tray or professional Admission is usually by application and interview.

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Holders of the DUT Information – Communication may exercise the communication charge of business, public relations officer, in charge of press relations, web designer (web designer), webmaster, community manager (host of social networks) (optional communication organizations) responsible for SEO, librarian, archivist, webmaster, responsible for information and communication, responsible business intelligence (digital information option in organizations), journalist in print, web press, or in broadcasting (option journalism ), librarian, bookseller, publishing secretary, Conservative (option trades book and heritage).

The holder of the DUT Information – Communication advertising option first worked in counseling agencies, media agencies and advertisers in as an assistant and can progress to the advertising manager of business, strategic planner, consultant, community leader, project manager, copywriter, media-glider, artistic director, marketing manager.

3rd General License year university (information-communication, journalism ) and a Master

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DUT Information – Communication

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