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DUT companies and administrations Management (GEA)

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the DUT Business Management and administrations (GEA)

The owner of the DUT Business Administration and government is responsible for the management and daily organization of a company or an administration in terms of logistics, commercial and human resources. It is particularly operational management, finance and accounting. It is responsible for implementing information and repair any organizational malfunctioning systems.

Training content

The course alternates between tutorials and practicals. It comes in three options from the second year: accounting Finance (CF), human resources (HR), Small and Medium Organizations (PMO). It takes an average of 1 600 hours of courses and 10 weeks of training. You can follow this DUT alternately.

In the first year, students take the same courses: communication, foreign language, economic and legal, tax and accounting techniques, methodology, mathematics and statistics.

Training is usually done in 2 years after the baccalaureate. It is suitable for all types of profiles but is particularly aimed to holders of ES tray, S, technology tray (TSG). Admission is by application and interview times.

If you want to give yourself every chance of success your DUT, go to Bankexam. You will find events annals (subjects and corrected) of previous years.

Holders of the DUT GEA may exercise the profession of accountant, management consultant, assistant manager of SME / SMI of account manager, responsible personnel, collaborator accounting firm, stock manager , commercial attaché, Back Office manager in banks, a financial analyst.

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