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DUT Biological Engineering

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the DUT Biological Engineering.

The DUT Biological Engineering incumbent works in the field of biology that includes various sectors: agricultural, biochemical, bioinformatics, dietary, environmental, industrial and food. Analysis and testing, maintenance, electronics, control, management and planning, new product development, consulting and prevention are the main tasks of this professional.

Training content

The DUT is divided into six options: agronomy, nutrition, bioinformatics, biological, biochemical, biological and food industries, environmental engineering. In total, the training lasts 1,800 hours of instruction. A course of about ten weeks provided for in the program. In some facilities, the training can be followed alternately.

The program includes theoretical courses, tutorials (TD) and Hands (TP).

Lessons are common to all options: mathematics, physics, life sciences, chemical and biochemical sciences, speech-communication, foreign language.

microbial ecology

The DUT is a two years after graduating, or a year as part of the special Year. It is intended for tray holders S, and technological Bac like STL channels, ST2S (Science and Technology Health and Social), STAV (science and technology of agronomy and living), STAE (Science Technology and Environment and Agronomy) and STPA (Science and food Product Technologies).

Registration is only possible via the portal Admission postbac.

If you want to give yourself every chance of success your DUT, go to Bankexam. You will find events annals (subjects and corrected) of previous years.

Generally, the OTC Bioengineering holder accesses the senior technician function in various structures, laboratories, food processing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, in search functions, advice, control and environmental optimization , biotechnology, agriculture, food. It may also become technical sales.

The graduate of dietary option exercises in the hospital sector in the catering industry or in private practice as a dietitian.

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