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How to train and acquire new skills when you have not the time or the ability to move? Distance learning (or e-learning) seems like an ideal solution particularly as the institutions offering such use will continue to increase. What training is available? How are the courses? We tell you everything.

Distance learning (or e-learning) is a way to train and validate a remote degree, that is to say without having to go to a school to attend classes. A particularly interesting solution for people who have a day in business (employees, housewives ), are abroad or can not move. Find out if you profile. The opportunity also to break your ideas about distance education and discover the benefits of following distance education.

Specifically, the student receives during home he can study at any time. Often the courses are accompanied by exercises to perform and to send for them to be corrected by teachers. More and more institutions are passed in recent years, the paper with the mouse, and now use digital tools (email, chat, video ) to facilitate learning and interaction between student and teacher. Find out what types of training and to what level of education it is now possible to take distance education.

If distance education has many advantages, including flexibility, note that it must be particularly motivated to succeed. Before you start, take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Hundreds of courses are accessed remotely at any level (from CAP to Bac + 5) and in many specialties. Some allow you to get a degree, other professional qualifications, other skills shown. All do not prepare the same duration. In this article you will have an overview of the opportunities available to you. Thus, it is now even possible to prepare a degree in remote design!

As for institutions, between public (Cned, CNAM ) and private agencies often specialize in one area, you have again spoiled for choice

Choosing the right business school

Whether you are holding a tray or a BTS student in prep by IUT or in college, know that the access doors abound.

Difficult to locate in the training offer. Especially do not rush on the first training came! Before you start, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your professional project in order to select the most appropriate training. Then look what the "value" of training (recognition of diploma equivalence ) and the content of education (materials look more professional).

Finally, be sure to choose a serious organization and whose teaching methods are proven and tailored to your situation (good internet connection, ease of access by mail ). Discover all our other boards.

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses or online courses open and massive) are perhaps revolutionizing the higher education landscape. Especially since they allow the issuance of a certificate.

This tool born in American universities, allowing students – and anyone wishing – to form online and interact with others, even to the other end of the planet. All for free. See our tips for a successful MOOC for sure.

Remote Establishment: special schools

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