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Distance education: pros and cons

Before you jump in distance education, weigh the pros and cons. Although it may be convenient, it is an investment of time and significant money!


They are numerous. By following distance courses, the student can continue – following the situation – to exercise his employment, to take care of his (her) child (ren) or prepare another degree.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for some students opt for a face training in college and enroll in another degree that interests them by correspondence. The diplomas are the same whether acquired-face or by correspondence, no one can tell the difference. And it may save some time! An effective and discrete formula.

Finally, the advantage is that through networks of national and international courses, you can follow the training that interests you and fits your project without having to move to the other end of the Earth. A practical, economical and allows you access to the most prestigious universities of the world!

The inconvenients

Main constraint of this system: you are alone with your course, almost. No teachers at your availability that will give you a written and oral demonstration at once, and no lecture hall of comrades who can help motivate.

Obviously most distance courses integrate contacts by phone, email or chat with your teachers, but it will never replace a teacher "live"! It can be difficult to motivate yourself alone with her homework after a long day of work. Suffice to say that we should not take this decision lightly and we will have to arrange his schedule to get there.

Another drawback, which can be high: the price! Private courses are often expensive And once the paid training, no turning back, even if you no longer have the time or you have changed your mind!

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