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Diploma of Osteopath – ITO

The educational project of the ITO aims to train professionals of Osteopathy effective, ethical and responsible. Our facility implements all necessary means for the integration of these practitioners to their rightful place in the health system.

Additional admission information

To be admitted to the osteopathic training, candidates must be aged seventeen at least 31 December of the year of their training input and hold the baccalaureate or title accepted as equivalent.

end of class students can apply their final admission being subject to the baccalaureate.

The selection of future students is from November to July. A waiting list is established when our maximum enrollment is reached.

According to regulations, the training program includes 4860 hours spread over five years of study.

This program is divided into 7 areas of education including advanced concepts of fundamental sciences of health and medical sciences, and social sciences applied to health. Learning osteopathic tests and techniques starts in the first year.

The program includes 1,500 hours of clinical practice increasingly distributed from 1st to 5th grade. This clinical training takes place partly in the teaching clinic of the Institute, and also within the area hospitals. Grade 5 students complete at least 150 framed full consultation, giving them the experience necessary for their employability.

Osteopathy is a natural practice, curative and preventive.

Diagnostic osteopath and trafficking through manual techniques, the blocking areas and body tissue tension, which can lead to functional problems.

The osteopath, through footwork and careful and precise touch, allows the body to find a better balance and to restore or maintain health.

The osteopath is based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and human physiology. Indeed, for the latter, each part of the body is interacting with others.

It is important to note that the osteopath is a first intention practitioner, he is without medical prescription (unlike Physiotherapist for example).

Osteopathy is registered more often in a multidisciplinary approach. Doctors may request a therapeutic advice to an osteopath on cases falling within its scope.

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