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Dental technician

Design, develop, repair, build, custom, dental prostheses and orthoses, such is the mission or dental technician.

Crowns, bridges, pivot teeth, dentures the dental technician, true artist can do wonders to restore a radiant smile of disabled people through their teeth. He also made some fixes devices prescribed by orthodontists. In everyday life, this artist smile manufactures devices and prostheses necessary to replace or repair the teeth. He works from impressions taken from the patient by the dentist, the dentist or orthodontist.

Meticulous and patient, this goldsmith dentition leaves nothing to improvisation. Making a prosthesis requires the mastery of many different techniques and materials. This professional designs, first of all, a wax and plaster mold, before making a model of the device or sculpt a tooth wax. He then chooses the most suitable material for making the final piece: ceramic, resin, metal, thermoplastic pastes After molded, completed carefully, the prosthesis or tooth will be tried on the patient by the dentist. It will finally, if necessary, readjusted workshop. Perfect knowledge of dental morphology and meaning of facial harmony are the most reliable allies of the dental technician.

Several levels of study can prepare for the profession. This is the case of the pro Dental technician tray prepared in 3 years and BTS Dental technician (accessible to holders of the vocational baccalaureate) in particular offered by The Academy of Dentistry of IPSO group. Accessible without prerequisites, the pro and the BTS dental technician tray can be made in initial or alternately within this school whose courses are recognized by the state. An admissions test is offered in workshop for aspiring to see if the job suits them or not. It is followed by an interview.

Which carries the dental technician?

Little contact with patients, dental technicians often work in small craft enterprises. They may also be recruited by laboratories attached to firms. They work on a specialized position (plasterer, model, metallurgist ). They are also found in hospitals, mutual societies and health centers but also in the army.

There is currently a shortage of qualified professionals. Moreover, given the aging population, the occupation is brought to meet the growing needs of dentures. All of which militate for a development of this business in the coming years. This profession is constantly evolving with new technologies (robotics and computer assisted techniques computers). This requires professionals to adapt their knowledge regularly.

The professional development of dental technician

Depending on their level of training and experience, the dental technician can move from skilled worker to head of a laboratory of the department or laboratory head. It also has the opportunity to put his account and become a craftsman, or to exercise abroad with a diploma recognized by the State or to become shopping in a company of dental supplies. It may also take specialized training to better stick to technical developments and open its fields possible. For example, follow a university training in dental school to specialize in maxillofacial prosthesis. Or finally move towards teaching.

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