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dental assistant

Valuable contributor to the dentist (this is almost always a man), the dental assistant assume various functions. Responsible for greeting patients, it also prepares the administrative and medical records, and assist the dentist in its therapeutic and relational tasks.

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The dental assistant is the auxiliary of the dentist, orthodontist or medical specialist in stomatology and maxillofacial surgery. From the welcome at the patient set the chair, through the packaging of surgical instruments and sterilization, dental assistant is present at every stage.

When working, it technically assist the practitioner and helps put patients at ease. White latex gloves and gown, she performs tricks: preparing cements and amalgams, develop x-rays, besides sterilization and storage of instruments.

The "right arm" of the practitioner

The dental assistant also manages the organization of the appointment of the practitioner: telephone responses, calendar management This is it also makes the link between the firm and the ournisseurs between dentists and patients. It informs and provides some tips from oral hygiene to them. She also manages the stocks of materials and dental products. It can also be made to ensure the current accounting firm as well as inventory management products and various supplies.

The criteria for access to the preparatory training: be over 18, hold at least the secondary school certificate, have an employer that will ensure the practical part of teaching in the dental office. Free training lasts 18 months and alternating (professional contract). It is notably proposed by the Academy of Dentistry (IPSO group). This training course alternates theoretical and concrete situations in a dental office. After 18 months and validation of all the modules, the student obtains the title of assistant (e) Dental (bac), listed on the National Register of Qualifications.

The dental assistant performs most often in dental and orthodontic. It can also find work in multidisciplinary health centers or hospitals or clinics. And opportunities are many: dentists regularly seeking assistant (s).

The professional development of the dental assistant

To better support the practitioner, the dental assistant can acquire technical specializations.

The gross monthly salary of the dental assistant is around € 1,500 gross early career.

Biomedical Laboratory Technician

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