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Continue after a pro license: Possible or not?

The professional license is training a year for students seeking a quick integration into working life. Yet some graduates finally decide to continue their education. It is not an impossible but difficult choice.

Because one wants to access a higher level of training, specialization, or that one does not feel ready to enter the world of work, we may want to continue his studies after a professional license.

A further study a priori feasible

On paper, this solution is possible. Indeed, the professional license provides a Bac + 3 (level II) or 180 ECTS credits, and gives the bachelor’s degree. Therefore, the holder of a pro license fulfills the conditions necessary in order to integrate a master (professional or research) and even a large school of engineering or business via the parallel admissions. Generally, students who choose this option, this solution is not really possible because

But barriers to overcome

However, this passage of the pro master license is far from automatic. Blocking is sometimes due to the universities: they refuse to turn the objective of the pro license is to lead the student to employment. Especially as companies that develop and sometimes help fund these courses expect a return on investment, by hiring graduates they helped to form.

Another difficulty is the risk of failure of the Master students. Indeed, the pro license is an important part to practice with internships and tutored projects, and offers less theoretical grounds that the general license. What may be missing, a student who wants a Masters.

Repeat bases

Further study is therefore not impossible but difficult. It must have a very good record with very good results, a cover letter and letters of recommendation from your teachers. In addition, it is necessary that your career plan is consistent with the curriculum you want to follow. Once admitted, you have to work more than a student who followed the usual course.

For more chances to succeed in their further studies, some students choose gateways at a lower level, in the 3rd year of such license. Or by incorporating an engineering or business school in the third year if post-bac or 1st year if post-prep.

Continue after a pro license: Possible or not?

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