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Consider what careers in health after a text box?

SMS box is uniform and offers only one sector unlike other technological tanks which are divided into several specialties. It includes compulsory subjects (economy, health and social sciences, communication, human biology, pathophysiology ) and optional (foreign language, office, EPS, arts )

At the end of the SMS box, you should be able to understand the future needs of patients, understand the mechanisms of communication, develop interpersonal skills and sense of responsibility. Note that to integrate a first SMS, it is recommended to take the medical and social sciences and technology option, an option that can be supplemented by paramedical sciences and biological techniques.

What training target after the SMS box?

Technological graduates are likely to integrate social networks. Indeed, whether in social and family economics BTS or DUT social careers, they remain the majority. The caring professions present significant employment opportunities. So much so that the low unemployment rate has almost become a selling point. The social worker to the consultant social and family economy through special educators or young children (in special schools only training), all quickly access a job after graduation.

Professionals involved in this sector of aid missions and advice to people in difficulty. Availability and listening skills are the key words. An estimated 800 000 the number of social workers.

Namely that the DUT social careers aims to train socio-cultural sector also, so various options (social animation and sociocultural, urban management )

If you want to direct you to the medical professions, you will surely find the profile that you through the ten professions in the paramedical field acclaimed by students from the SMS industry. There are real prospects but it will be persistent because scientists are better trained graduates originally.

paramedic specialists intervene to provide care in addition to or at the direction of a physician. There are more than 720,000 professionals working in either wage sector (community health and social care facilities, medical offices, laboratories), or in private practice.

Know that all these trades require most often from a very selective competition with scientific tests, and minimum three years of post-baccalaureate study. For example, to become a nurse, you must register in one of the 350 public and private IFSI and to be a pediatric nurse, one must have the midwifery diploma or nurse because the school recruits only those profiles here .

If you have a penchant for business rehabilitation, then you can become a dietician through a BTS (important for biology and biochemistry) or a DUT Biological Engineering (Bordeaux IV, Lyon I ) You may also be occupational therapist, physiotherapist, chiropodist (State diplomas), speech therapist, orthoptist (certificates).

Finally, if the technical aspect of the job interests you, head instead to the laboratory technician jobs through the detab, an agricultural BTS, DUT Biological Engineering or become manipulator electroradiology (two diplomas: DTS or the State diploma.)

"Bridges are truly possible between the worlds of medicine and engineering" – Interview EPF

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