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Consider MBA: basic questions to ask

Indeed, the choice of an MBA is not carried out at random. It will be necessary to do well, you look into your deep motivations and ask some basic questions.

How long are you willing to devote to your training?

In answering this question you will be able to make a first selection between full-time MBA (full time) – one or two years to choose from – and those timeshare or part-time that conserve its activity professional since the courses are concentrated on evenings and weekends. If your time is even more limited, particularly in terms of presence, you can also consider getting a Distance MBA (distance learning MBA) or an MBA on line, via the web.

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If, originally, the MBA is a generalist degree, there are more and more specialized in one area or sector of activities (communication techniques, computer, the luxury sector, agribusiness, coaching, etc. ..). Moreover, even if you choose a general MBA said, the careful study of the program will reveal its policies that differ from one school to another. The options are to be considered and the implementation.

Making his MBA at New York example (Columbia or Cornell) can be particularly interesting if you want to work in finance because you will be at the heart of this activity and relationships with potential employers will be more easy. Also, being close to Silicon Valley (Stanford) multiply the chances of contact with high-tech companies.

What sector would you work after your MBA?

This issue is related to the previous and the approach will be the same. Careful study programs and common sense (regarding the location) will help you narrow your selection of establishments. Secondly, it will inform you with the employment services of the proposed schools to ensure that employers who recruit on campus interest.

Where in the world would you work?

The answer to this question will limit your search for information on a country. Indeed, it is not always necessary to go for an MBA in the US if you want to work in a Franco-French company based in Paris. In general, this type of business attaches more value to large schools of our country and can, conversely, develop vis-à-vis inferiority complex of a title won at Harvard for example.

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