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Concierge large hotel

The concierge is a bit the soul of a great hotel. difficult and demanding job, the concierge is the first person you come across as you enter the door of a luxury establishment. Welcome, inform and advise clients is what occupies, from early morning until late at night.

The daily tasks of large hotel concierge

The concierge provides the customer reception, informs about the conditions of his stay. It gives the room keys, transmits messages, check deposits, reception and luggage.

The main task of the caretaker is to be informed of everything and make your stay the most pleasant possible customer (or even make it a unique experience). Knowing the tastes and habits of customers allows it to provide a highly personalized service. Every desire must be fulfilled and all resolved.

Meet any customer demand

Available, concierge anticipates the wishes of its customers and their savings maximum material tasks. It links with the internal services of the hotel (restaurant, shops, hairdresser ) and outside (travel agencies, physician, tour guide, theaters, taxis ). It keeps track of all nightclubs in fashion, gourmet restaurants, a successful theater it enriches its permanent address book, to meet any demand.

In large hotels, there are many people under him. Head of the hall, he manages the activities of staff working there: Home team, porters, fighters

The night porter also ensures the receptionist function.

Formerly trained on the job, the concierge is now holder of the tray. It is often recruited after a theoretical and practical training provided by the hotel school of Toulouse or the concierge society "Golden Keys France." Another requirement: mastering one or more foreign languages. It is also possible to perform a BTS hotel and restaurant before specializing in concierge.

There are janitors in prestigious institutions, private or affiliated with major international channels as well as in castles and large luxury homes. Some hotel directions are a key focus of the loyalty of their clients. The expertise concierge trained in French is highly recognized internationally. There are also concierge services in some large companies who wish to retain their frames.

Professional evolution

With experience, it can internally access the caretaker chief. If he wants to advance his career, he has an interest in change schools, or to undergo training to progress to supervisory and management functions. Another possible change to become responsible customer relationship.

Find all the big hotel concierge deals with

The salary varies depending on the experience of the concierge and the institution employing them. A young concierge can be hired for about € 2,000 gross monthly, various allowances and bonuses which are added.

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