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Competition in education: what to do in case of failure?

Since the reform of the training, students aiming at teaching profession must obtain a specific Master (MEEF) in addition to passing the concours (CAPES, PERC ). Or what to do in case of failure? Is it possible to redirect? To which sectors and which trades? Here are the options available to you.

At the 2013 session of teachers contest, on 19,413 seats, 17,585 students were received, representing 90%. A figure rising (39% of enrolled compared to 2012) and therefore very encouraging. But what to do when not part of the winners? As part of education reform, it is planned concrete solutions for those who have failed.

Objective: help them bounce back and find a way enabling them to leverage what they have acquired during their training.

A guidance interview to assess your motivations

After the results of the admissions, ESPE organize personalized guidance interviews for pupils who failed. The opportunity to ask the right questions:

Do you always work in the area of ​​training and education? And if so, at what level (teaching in primary schools, college, high school, in the educational environment )?

What led to your failure to trials? Do you feel able to iron them and succeed?

Is that another area does not interest you more?

Following this interview, you will have to choose between continuing on this path or redirect you. Be aware that the final decision is subject to approval of the head of training and headteacher.

Solution 1: continue in master 2 MEEF without alternation

If you have validated your M1 and you really intend for the teaching profession, it may allow you to enter the master 2 in the same notice, and represent the contest. The only difference is that the curriculum does not take place alternately as your fellow winners.

In the program, eight to twelve weeks of training, a deepening of knowledge and skills and lessons shared with students M2 "study programs – Education". At the end of your year, you have to get your M2 and the competition.

Solution 2: reorient in another mention of the master without alternation MEEF

Alternatively enter M2 to retry the competition – still without alternation – but in another words, perhaps more suited to your profile and your project.

For example, if the educational aspect that interests you more than the appearance transmission of knowledge, why not try the support of principal educational adviser rather than a teacher? So you spend marked 1 (first degree education) or 2 (secondary education) the statement 3 (educational support).

After your M2, so this is a new competition that awaits you. You can also refer you to the statement 4: Practical and engineering training.

Solution 3: reorient other than a ESPE

Take advantage of this failure to ask you about your needs and consider a possible reorientation. You always want to work in education and training? Be aware that some professions related to this area remain open, and even if you have been trained in teaching and spent competitions.

Public education may indeed need you as contract or temporary staff teachers for alternative assignments (days to months). Recruitment is to license or professional license level. Same opportunity in the private education under contract or without contract.

Consider also other training organizations such as the CNED, or during adult bodies (AFPA, GRETA), literacy organizations (AEFTI) or courses and tutoring at home (Acadomia , Anacours ).

education assistant, school carer (AVS), or mediator are also activities that affect the supervision and educational support. And if working with children was part of your primary motivations, head to the paramedical studies and careers as an educator of young children or child care assistant.

Other way, but it takes you away from teaching and education, why not spend the administrative competition: Territorial editor, territorial tied contest libraries and museums ?

Finally, you can choose a human experience away from the traditional school pattern: a stay abroad or civic service mission. History to step back, start on the right foot and with new projects in mind!

You have not validated your M1 but won the contest?

The contest is valid one year and year alternately starts once your Master 1 pocket.

You have neither M1 nor contest?

Take the examination orientation counselor psychologist (COP)

Roll CAPEPS (Certificate of Fitness for professorship of Physical Education and Sports)

Contest of teaching: everything about the PERC, the CAPES, Aggregation

Aggregation Switch

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