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Competition Business Schools

Many of you every year to wish to integrate a business school. You set out one of the great Parisian schools, a business school in the region or a special school, a post-baccalaureate level, post-prep or parallel admission, the selection is always appropriate (folder, contests, maintenance, etc. ) and must prepare.

Organization of competitions, test content, tools to train, bibliography: discover for each competition listed below for information and advice needed to succeed.

Successfully SIGN contest

Access is a post-baccalaureate competition that opens the doors of three business schools: the IESEG, ESSCA and Esdes for a program ()

Successfully contest AMBITIONS +

Ambitions + 4 opens the doors of business schools (EBS Paris, ESCE, PSB and IPAG) for degree holders ()

Successfully contest ASSET + 3

BACHELOR succeed the contest EGC

The contest EGC Bachelor paves the way for post-baccalaureate programs in 29 schools campus network management schools and ()

Successfully ECB contest

The ECB is a bank of common examinations at several business schools recruiting prépas of students, among the ()

Successfully contest ECRICOME BACHELOR

Successfully contest ECRICOME PREPA

Ecricome Prep program provides access to the "big school" Kedge BS, and BS ICN NEOMA BS. Discover the terms ()

Successfully LINK contest

Link the contest is a post-baccalaureate common competition that includes three business schools in 5 years: Paris School of Business ()

Successfully PASS contest

The competition Pass opens the doors of BBA post-baccalaureate programs and BSc EDHEC groups, INSEEC, KEDGE and NEOMA BS. Discover ()

Successfully contest GATEWAY 1 AND 2

The contest Gateway 1 and 2 are admission tests of banks in management and business schools, dedicated to ()

Successfully SESAME contest

Sesame is a bank events paving the way for 10 business schools offering 21 different programs. Discover the ()

Successfully TEAM contest

Team competition is a bank of tests which opens the doors of three post-baccalaureate business schools in 5 years. Discover the ()

Successfully contest TREMPLIN 1 AND 2

Springboard 1 and 2 provide the opportunity to not from preparatory classes to access parallel admissions to students 3 large ()

Tagus pass the tests (TAGE-MAGE, TAGE 2 TAGE POST-LAC)

The Tage-Mage and Tagus 2 tests are used by commercial and management schools as part of their procedures ()

How do schools select their candidates?

Whether post-baccalaureate or post-prep, all business and engineering schools select their students. Take stock of the different modes of admission to ()

Pass the language test for entrance examination

Whether one is seeking a place in a business school or engineering, languages ​​are an integral part of the selection in written and / or spoken! More than ever elsewhere. Karine ()

Interview: why does it seem motivated?

Motivational interviewing is the occasion of a meeting between the candidate and the teachers, administrative or graduates. What schools did they attach the most importance? ()

Oral d’admission en M2, MS ou MBA : n’improvisez pas !

You want to access a ferry + 4 / + 5 / + 6 (Master 2, MS, MBA)? Expect a severe selection, whether written or oral. For this last step, there are three dots ()

How to optimize its application in MS admission?

More and more students in university master 2, last year of engineering school or business, now wish to pursue their studies in a Masters ()

Contest: 5 tips to pass the test of summaries

main event of most competitions of commerce and schools IEP, this exercise is not harmless. The spirit of synthesis is indeed paramount in the exercise jurisdiction ()

Master: 10 tips to optimize admission

The 10 golden rules for a successful admission to a post-training Bac + 4 / + 5 in France and abroad, with Guillaume Verney-Carron, founder and director of Personalis ()

Competition tests: improve his general culture

Admission Master, MS or MBA: 10 tips for success

Research at the admission interview, through the application and schedule: Discover all our tips for success to be admitted to the training ()

Competition tests: 5 anti-stress tips

La Bible du Tage Mage

You are a candidate (e) Admissions title or parallel HEC Paris and ESSEC, EM Lyon, Edhec, Audencia, Jump 2, of ()

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