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Sometimes seen as a guru, often held responsible for the poor performance of the team or against-performance of the athlete, the coach all but a life that would resemble a bed of roses!

The daily tasks of a coach atlete

Its mission is to coach his athletes to be operational in the various competitions where they have committed. It develops weekly and daily workouts to maintain the shape of his (her) player (s). It also has a duty to manage the mind of his troops.

Skills required to become sports coach

What (s) training (s) follow?

To become a sports coach, he must have been a top athlete and hold the BEES (patent state sports instructor) 2nd degree in their chosen sport.

To work as national coach, a 3rd degree BEES is required. For exerts a volunteer in a non-competitive structure, a federal certificate issued by a sports federation is enough.

Warning: BPJEPS (professional certificate in Youth, Popular Education and Sport), which replaces BEES 1st degree in certain disciplines, not suitable for exercise genuine coaching duties. However, there is now a DEJEPS for some disciplines (State diploma) that provides access to a coach.

Where working the sports coach?

A sports coach can lead a collective team (football, rugby, basketball, etc.) and only one athlete (track and field, tennis, etc).

Professional evolution

With additional training and / or through the assistance of the Ministry of Sports or the local government service, or by internal promotion within a federation, a sports coach can become national coach, national technical director (DTN), adviser territorial, trainer of sports administrators or manager of sports equipment.

Remember that even if the sport is becoming more professional growing, there is still a lot of volunteer coaches. Generally, the higher the level of competition is high, most coaches are paid (by a club or a federation or the athlete himself), and the amounts of wages follow this logic. But other factors are involved such as sport and wealth of the employer. Often, a coach can really live his salary at national and international level.

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