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Civic Service: what compensation?

The Civic Service is not a job, but there is a compensation system for the volunteer to be financially independent, to provide a minimum to its needs and to finish his service in the correct conditions.

If the civil service is not a job, there is a system of compensation of € 577 per month. An allowance of € 470.14 net per month is paid directly to the volunteer by the state, regardless of the weekly duration of the mission.

Finally, host organizations must pay you a benefit necessary for the subsistence, equipment, accommodation or transport. It can be served in kind, notably through the meal voucher benefit, or cash. The minimum monthly amount of this benefit is set at € 106.94.

Moreover, the young beneficiaries or belonging to a household beneficiary of the RSA at the time of signature of Civic Service contract or award holder of higher education under the 5th, 6th or 7th level under the academic year benefiting from an increase of allowance € 107.03 per month. In total, according to the situations, in Civic Service volunteers receive between € 577 and € 680.03 per month.

The housing assistance benefit is retained for the Civic Service. The Civic Service volunteers receive comprehensive social protection. For people with disabilities, the civic service benefits are cumulative with AAH (Allowance for disabled adults).

You benefit finally from support to facilitate the conduct of your mission. This is a phase of preparation and support in achieving your mission, a civic and citizen training and support to thinking about your future project.


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