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Civic Service: what business you hire?

The Civic Service allows to work in the fields of your choice, for a mission of general interest. They then organized in nine major themes.

Associations, local authorities, non-profit foundations, federations, unions or mutual Any structure capable to offer a general interest mission can apply for accreditation with the agency Civic Service, to be renewed every two years. The associations receive support from 100 euros per month, paid by the state to provide coaching.

The associations approved by the Civic Service are divided in nine large families of activities. You can choose the area that best fits your commitment or your skills, when searching for a host structure from the following categories:

Culture and Recreation: initiate youth cultural practices by organizing visits to museums or at exhibitions.

international development and humanitarian assistance: help with schooling or participate in agricultural projects.

Education for All: help fight illiteracy and lack of schooling in accompanying young people in workshops or leisure reading.

Environment: sensitize the population to respect the environment, waste sorting, saving energy.

Emergency Crisis Intervention: help in rebuilding sites damaged by natural disasters and accompany people.

Remembrance and citizenship: participating in major restoration projects of historic sites.

Health: sensitize youth health issues by educating teens about sex or contraception, expand recreation in the hospital.

Solidarity: give the elderly or isolated concrete help in everyday life.

Sport: accompany as part of sporting activities for people with no access to sports for physical or social reasons: the elderly, children and disabled or frail adults.

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