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Cinema: what trials for the contest of the School of the City?

Cinema: what trials for the contest of the School of the City?

Last year, you were 2500 to attempt to integrate the School of the City, film school founded by the director and producer Luc Besson, for 60 places. This year, the dates and terms of the competition are not yet known. But meanwhile, back on what happened last year!

The School of the City offers two courses: author / screenwriter and director, two movie lighthouse trades. Each class consists of 30 étudiants.D’une period of two years, these courses are open to all young people aged 18 to 25 years, only the bac is required. One of their main characteristic is that they are completely free (except registration fees and social security).

master-class animated by the greatest

Their other highlight? "They focus 100%" field ". Internships are recurring and put in regular situation on movie sets for students, says Rachid Djouadi, the school principal. These can every week, attending master classes run by actor, director, producer and professionals of renowned international cinema. "

Regular players are also audiovisual professionals recognized for their experience and expertise. Finally, school situation, in the Cité du Cinéma, allows students to keep in touch with industry professionals.

A sharp competition that is played on very tight deadlines

What’s behind the tests for Competition 2013? "I can not say anything for the moment, told us the director of the School of the City. However, this may be a bit more light than last year because it asked us great logistics to pass the tests and correct any "

The proof ? Here whereby the candidates passed. First eligibility tests that took place in 3 phases:

1st phase: on a cardboard A2 format, each candidate had to report, without writing or video, just by creative work.

Phase 2: the day before the contest midnight candidates received mail the word "light" and then were still on cardboard A2, express themselves about this term, explain what this term means to them.

For the third phase, it was for the candidates to write on 4 A4 pages (and nothing less), giving a text want to go see the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

10% of successful applicants after eligibility

The first step "allowed to retain 10% of the candidates," says Rachid Djouadi or 250 which could then pass the admissions tests.

In this final stage, five technical events were proposed to achieve in only 3 hours and whose coefficients differ depending on the option selected:

2 translation tests: film excerpts translated from French to English and English to French. "I want to re-state here the importance of proficiency in the English language: in this business it’s just unavoidable since the movie is played on the international stage now," says Rachid Djouadi.

then a working script: candidates had to imagine the missing dialogues Luc Besson film clips;

test of storyboard: 26 Taken movie vignettes are presented to candidates who must then put them in order and remove the 6 that have nothing to do with the film;

and finally 2 QCM 40 questions of general culture and film culture.

You want to know when will the competition and what the terms of hardships? Stay connected on MCAT prep online for more!

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