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Chemistry – Biology

Prepared trades

Pharmacy, food, environment, perfumery and cosmetics, biotechnology: as many sectors as possible to integrate after studies in the fields of biology and chemistry. Provided you have a scientific profile! BTS, DUT, license, engineering school: what training choose? Here are the keys to help you.

The need for technicians in the industry are such that they are struggling to be filled. So you will find no less than 11 BTS: Medical Biology Analyses (ex BTS Biological Analyses), Bioanalysis and controls, laboratory biophysicist, Biotechnology, Chemist, industrial control and automatic regulation, Fluids, energy, environment, water, Trades, paints, inks and adhesives, Quality in the food and bio-industries, physical Techniques for the industry and the laboratory.

You can also choose to integrate an IUT in one of these 5 specialties: DUT chemistry, chemistry option, biology DUT DUT chemical engineering, process engineering, physical measurements DUT DUT sciences and materials engineering. After two years, you can choose to integrate the world of work or further study towards a degree level or master.

The university is accessible after tray and without selection. It offers courses in chemistry, biology and biochemistry, license to bac + 5 or more. These courses lead to careers in research, teaching, but not only. Good specialists in cell biology or chemistry of the solid are sought in the industry.

If you have a bac + 2 and you want to specialize in one year in one area, opt for a professional license. With a bac + 2 you can also integrate an IUP that in three years gives you a Master. Finally, if after an IUP or a Master 1, you still want to specialize, you can get a DRT chemistry or biology that allow you to do research while already having one foot in the company.

To find a framework of employment in industry or in research and development, having the title of engineer is often a strategic choice. Integrate a school can do after high school but most of them recruited by examination following two years of preparatory classes or undergraduate (BTS or DUT). Once the integrated school, it is more oriented to biology or chemistry and biochemistry, you will then have three years of study to specialize.

Chemistry and biology are they sectors that are hiring? What are the flagship business and know good opportunities? Discover our section dedicated to business Chemistry and Biology sector, which takes stock of the main figures of the sector, the way forward, but also sheets dedicated to each business to opt for one that suits you best!

"Companies are looking for profiles of engineers mastering the specifics of the health and digital technology sector" – Interview EFREI

"Applied Biotechnology Blue": the next Master 2, University of La Rochelle

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