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Caregiver (s)


Among health workers, the carer is the closest probably hospitalized. Enough for his patients, he ensures their health and comfort. Under the responsibility of the nurse, it helps care for the sick.

In everyday life, it helps patients perform their toilet and dressing. Some patients continue fasting before surgery, others follow a particular diet The caregiver checks the instructions before preparing food carts.

Closest to the patient

He accompanies their movements, persons deprived of autonomy. It helps to sit, to eat, to get out of their bed His work extends to some routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning and storage rooms, changing bedding and linen.

Limited care

Unlike the nurse, the carer can not give medication or perform medical care. sometimes subtle nuances. It is not intended to install a drip or taking blood pressure of a patient, but may change the dressing, ensuring the temperature measurement or check the weight curve.

Courses / training

To become a caregiver, you must hold the State diploma of caregiver. There is an entrance to the training event, organized in schools approved by the Ministry of Health.

Employment / opportunities

It is a large majority of women work: 87% of caregivers are women and they are more than 330,000 in France. They are found in retirement homes, the homes of elderly private autonomy above all, in all hospital services.

As with other health workers, high availability is required. Providing care by working some nights, weekends and holidays included, is part of their fines.

The carer profession is doing well: more than 10,000 posts are proposed each year, including serving seniors.

Professional evolution

A gateway is possible to get the state diploma of child care assistant.

After three years of practice in hospitals or nursing home, the caregiver may stand for selection tests for entry into nursing education Institute (IFSI), to prepare for the state diploma nursing.

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