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Want a career in the sector of management, marketing, sales, finance? Business schools are the ideal way to learn the skills required of recruiters, or to start a business. But what is their training? How to choose a school and be admitted? We tell you everything!

Contrary to what is done in many countries, the French business schools are not integrated to the university. If they still suffer from some ideas (elitism, conformism ), they have an excellent reputation internationally. It must be said that most have long existed: ESSCA was founded in 1909, ESSEC in 1907 and HEC in 1881! Most are associative status, managed by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, that is, they have very strong links with business. That’s what their strength and explains why they are so popular with recruiters. There are at least 5 good reasons to choose a great school!

There are over 200 trade and business schools in France. Their common: provide cross-training with specializations in the key areas of the business. They enable the tray 3 + level degrees (Bachelor) and / or bac + 5 (Master), bac + 6 (MS and MBA) or bac + 8 with Ph.D. But all are not alike!

We give you appointment on one of the 20 rooms Large Schools organized in different cities of France. A unique opportunity to see the facilities, meet with education officials and ask all your questions!

There are generally "large" schools that are part of CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) among which are the "Parisian" (HEC, ESSEC, EDHEC, ESCP Europe ) and the great province (EM Lyon, Toulouse Business School ). Note that some schools have merged or joined together in the image of Kedge Business School (BEM + Euromed) or Neoma Business School (Rouen and Reims). Others are not "small" so far, but more specialized and then allow to obtain a double competence.

Choosing the right business school

Whether you are holding a tray or a BTS student in prep by IUT or in college, know that the access doors abound.

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The other distinction relates to the access roads as some schools are accessible after the bin when others are reserved for students of preparatory classes (see also the section on economic and commercial CPGE) or to holders of a bac + 2 / 3 through parallel admissions.

Finally, you find the business schools that offer alternation for all or part of their curriculum, although now almost all are made there. In short, you’re spoiled for choice!

post-school prep classes

The goal of business schools – or management – is to make you experts of the economic world (macro) and company (micro), both operational and strategists, flexible and specialized, capable of being manager as an entrepreneur.

Specifically, they provide courses in management, marketing, finance, economy, not to mention the general culture and languages. For this, they rely on a project teaching with case studies, courses are taught by faculty or business professionals. This proximity with the business world is also manifested by periods of internships or alternate curriculum.

Finally, business schools all have foreign partnerships to enable their students to have an international experience as part of a semester, an internship or a caesura .

Whatever level of integration (post-baccalaureate, post-prep, admissions parallel), the business school admission been a sometimes severe selection. You will have to pass written tests followed by interviews to a jury. Should it be a beast contest to succeed? This obviously depends on the intended school.

To put the odds on your side, discover what school selection criteria, as well as tips for success, including the Tagus Mage, the Tagus 2 (more tips in the articles associated below). And whether you have the level cap on the special test Business School!

Finally you have questions about financing your education? Discover everything you need to know about the subject and advice.

We offer you a section dedicated to the success of your business school contest (post-baccalaureate, post-prep, admissions parallel)

>> Contents of the tests, records and corrected, methodology advice: find in free access all our tools to help you succeed!

After business school, most graduates seeking employment, especially if they have achieved a level +5. It must be said that many sectors open wide their doors: Bank Finance, Marketing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Audit, Consulting It also often happens that young people signed their contract before they have graduated.

Of course, if desired, it is possible to continue his studies. Some graduates may well decide to make an additional year of specialization in Advanced Master (CGE label) or MBA: a choice that can be very profitable in terms of integration and career.

Finally the most interested profiles by search can opt for a thesis, either in their own school if he has a graduate school, or a university or a research laboratory, often in conjunction with a partner company which finances the researcher’s salary.

Read testimonials of those experts who, each in their management area, outline the management of the market today.

If business schools select their students, you also have to make your choice! The numerous charts can give you a first indication, but should not be your only reference. There are some quality goals wages: State recognition, visa, label, international accreditations : Learn to decipher and avoid pitfalls (rumors, forums, etc). But there are many other criteria – location, network, ambience, facilities, etc. – to help you choose the most suitable school to your profile, your background and your project! So, you see if you should opt for a post-baccalaureate school rather than post-prep.

Each year, several high-profile rankings seek to determine what the best business schools in France. These charts then evaluate various criteria insertion rate, international openness, labels, research quality, etc. While these tools can prove instructive in more ways than one, we also recommend you to be cautious since a ranking is relative and the criteria may not match your requirements.

Alternating Business school: your career begins!

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