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Business schools after a BTS, DUT or license

Opportunity and prosecution of studies

To diversify the profiles of their students, business schools open their doors to other sectors that prep. BTS graduates of DUT, Licence 2 or 3, and even Master: try your luck! How is the admission? What is the curriculum? Are the same opportunities? We tell you everything.

There is no trade schools for parallel admissions. It is the business school "classics" (ESC, colleges, post-high school) who have decided to diversify their access routes. They thus organize a special competition dedicated to students who have a bac + 2 (BTS, DUT, 2 license) to access at several levels is in the final year of Bachelor or in the first year of high school program. It is also possible to enter after a bac + 3 (license, bachelor of architecture school, Sciences Po, pharmacy ) directly Master cycle.

What is the advantage of parallel admissions? The student can integrate an institution recognized for the quality of their training, professionalizing side, its international openness and strength of its network. It may acquire technical and operational skills through internships or alternating. It can also get a double competence highly sought by companies.

What you can expect: Part the same class as other students, you follow the same course, and you get the same diploma. However, you will often work harder, at least initially, to catch up side knowledge and methodology. That is why this solution is reserved for the most serious and motivated students.

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Choosing the right business school

Whether you are holding a tray or a BTS student in prep by IUT or in college, know that the access doors abound.

As for prep students, parallel admissions take place on competition. A number of schools are grouped around trials banks. The idea is to adapt as paths and profiles of candidates in order to give a chance to all.

Note that Audencia Nantes School of Management and ESSEC, EDHEC, EM Lyon Skema or organize their own competitions.

These competitions consist of several written tests – logic, general knowledge, foreign language, etc. – and Oral: interview, language, etc. A number of schools use the test Tagus Mage 1 or 2.

To succeed admission, you obviously have a good academic level, but also have a good idea of ​​their professional project. In terms of the profile, it appears that the DUT and undergraduate students are better equipped than BTS for successful post-bac + 2 contest, but beware of generalizations.

Here are some expert advice to help you succeed in your application and interview. And discover in related News (below) the advice of a qualified GEM also been there.

In addition, many schools have decided to encourage these students, including among them the stock, to stand in the competition. They thus set up equal opportunities or tutoring programs to support them. Educate yourself!

The goal of business schools is to give you all the keys and the skills expected by companies to help you find a job. Your graduation, you can then turn to the areas of trade, finance, supply chain management or board, depending on your specialty and your project. The fact that you have a first degree before joining a business school can be a plus if you know the highlight.

Also, if you want to specialize in a specific area or get a double competence, it is also possible to continue his studies. Opting for a Specialized Master or MBA in high school reveals a paid option in terms of career. Please note that these courses are also selective.

Competition: give a chance to all regardless of route

What opportunities to integrate a business school after a bac + 2 / + 3?

Double competence: a gain undeniable

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