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Business school or business school?

Large schools of management, new name business schools, have broadened their range of programs and activities. Now the "big school program" is the heart of their business which, contrary to widespread ideas that do not form trade!

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Organized on the model of Anglo-Saxon business schools, business school trains managers able to practice their skills in any industry.

A model based on several main components: strong selection of students at entry, family involvement in the financing of education, openness to the world of business, good employability of graduates, without forgetting the importance given to activities of research.

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Each school offers a wide range of courses, diploma or not, initial or continuing training in France and abroad, accessible at different input levels. Among them, the "high school program" is the heart of their business. It means "master program" (5 + vat) of business schools and is therefore different type post-baccalaureate programs bachelor and post-graduate Type Specialized Master. It has become the reference name in the market.

Organized generally on 3 years – including the 4 year out, more and more widespread and sometimes mandatory – it is a generalist program, which allows students to acquire all the fundamental disciplines management. The curriculum is organized into two parts themselves divided into semesters: "bachelor" (2 semesters) and "master" (4 semesters).

In bachelor, the focus is on the fundamentals of management and then master comes of course the map that lead to high level specializations (audit, marketing, human resources, finance, international trade, logistics, purchasing , etc.). Each school offers more than fifteen. In total, nearly 400 specialties are offered to all schools in a variety of areas.

Professional side, the program includes internship periods or takes place alternately. Of semesters or international internships are also planned. Admission to high school program takes place on competition for candidates from preparatory classes or recruited in parallel admissions. This program is attested by a diploma conferring the rank of master, if the school is authorized to do so.

Why do we speak of "business school"?

Exit the designation ESC? Not totally but gradually schools grab a new name. Traditionally, commerce colleges formed for commercial career which is not the case for many years. The term "business school" was a natural choice because the spectrum of jobs and careers available to graduates has widened considerably, finance humanitarian through entrepreneurship.

Thus the term "management" includes more business functions that "trade" term. And this is the vocation of the schools to conduct their graduates to very different careers.

Teaches are we in business schools?

Contrary to popular belief, schools are not exclusively commercial form. Last year specializations play an important role in choosing a school. And because the student must take an active role, most schools advocate individualized curriculum. Clearly, it is to offer a customized education (options, stays abroad, learning ).

Three major thrusts guide the schools: professional vocation training, international openness, student’s personal development. They are so many to offer to coach their students. Objective: help them develop social skills, to know themselves better, to identify its strengths and weaknesses, gain autonomy, prepare professional integration, etc.

It is also one of the reasons leading business schools to rebrand as such. "Because we are learning to manage both his career and personal development. Because the word "management" is often seen as more restrictive than the "management", which refers also to the management of companies and indirectly leadership, "says Gérald Duffing, director of high school ICN program.

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