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BTS Assistant manager

Training content, review opportunities, further education All about the BTS Assistant manager, former Assistant to BTS.

The BTS Assistant manager holder performs his duties to a responsible person, a framework or a team. Organized, rigorous, dynamic and discreet, it supports, facilitates and monitors the work of the head to make it more effective. It provides primarily as an interface, mediation in internal and external relations, including in an international context. Hence the importance to master two or three languages. Multitasking, he takes care of the administration, work organization, identifies the problems and needs of responsible proposing solutions and can even support a specialized file or organize an event, etc.

Training content

Born from the merger between the BTS Assistant Executive Assistant and trilingual secretary, the training takes two years the subjects of the first and the study of two foreign languages ​​from the second.

The course is completed by 12 weeks of training spread over two years, including 4 consecutive minimum grade 1. One of the courses, priority of the first year, to take place is in a foreign country or in France but in an international service involving the use of a foreign language.

Note: it is possible to perform all or part of dual training.

The training takes place in two years after graduating. It is open to holders of MGT tray and pro trays as the tray pro-Management Directors. The bachelors and ES are also accepted.

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The BTS Manager Assistant holder can work in all types of organizations (business, association, government, private or public, national or international). In its infancy, the graduate holds a junior or general assistant. With experience, it will develop the high-level framework assistantship (management assistant, team assistant) or may specialize in one area (HR assistant, commercial assistant, communication assistant).

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the trade and business schools in parallel admission or specialized schools;

pro licenses in the areas of human resources, management and commerce.

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