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BTS and DUT: what differences?

Both baccalaureate level degrees two are so much alike that it is sometimes difficult to choose between the two. However, there are some differences that may allow you to lean more toward one than to the other.

The BTS (Higher Technical Certificate) and DUT (University Technology Diploma) are both Level III qualifications that are acquired in two years after graduating. Followed by initial or alternately, they provide technical expertise. But the similarity ends about there.

The DUT is preparing a IUT (University Institute of Technology), while the BTS may be provided by public or private schools. In addition, some BTS, the Agricultural Technology Patents Superiors (BTSA), not under the Ministry of Higher Education but of Agriculture.

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The first difference between these two features is their environment. Study in BTS means in effect remain at school, public or private, while the IUT are part of university environment. The framework will therefore not be the same, and the IUT, even if they know their students surround, always leave more autonomy in their students that STS (higher technician sections), where a high class attendance is for example, rule.

More general IUT that BTS

As for the content of teaching, real commonalities exist, each with theoretical classes – math, foreign languages, etc. – Backed by more professionalizing course, all interspersed courses of 10 to 15 weeks in total over the two years.

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Yet the IUT, whose purpose is often to lead their students towards long study programs remain more general, while STS will not hesitate to multiply largely specific lessons. It must be said that there are nearly 150 specialties BTS against twenty DUT mainly focused on the production and the service sector. Note however that some DUT have no equity BTS, as is the case with the DUT Legal Careers DUT or organization and production engineering.

Another important point is the presence of a final examination of studies in BTS, while the IUT are biased to continuous assessment. Food for thought allergic to tests cleaver!

More studies prosecution side DUT

Another big difference, although the differences tend to be reduced: a vast majority of IUT students study, which is not the case of BTS. Will you leave you the choice to continue or decision is taken it back, whatever happens in the labor market once this first graduation? The answer to this question may arise your decision. In general, the studies will extend to college – license, professional license – but it will be possible to proceed to engineering schools or business schools.

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Finally, note that if many of these formations overlap and are found in both sectors, some remain specific to one or other of these universes. Last, the STS host many more technological trays that IUT.

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