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BTS: 10 tips for passing exams

After two years of study, you are ready to take the exam BTS. Methodology, training, lifestyle, etc: Here are 10 tips to follow during your revisions, helping you to calmly deal with the written and oral tests. And thus put the odds on your side to get your degree!

"To succeed his exams, you have to like M & M’s! "Assures Christine Dorigo. With this affirmation not trivial that this project management teacher and negotiating sale to the ITIC school year always begins lessons with his students. M & M’s method meaning and motivation. And method, it intends to "make sheets that summarize the core course and use mnemonics to make it a real memory capital". Another method of board: Time management skills "by setting deadlines and agreeing breaks," she explains.

One only retains what we love. "And generally, we like subjects where we had good grades," says Christine Dorigo. On this basis, it considers it necessary to motivate especially in matters where we feel less comfortable. "This is to install a virtuous circle from the beginning of the year, she demonstrates. If one delves into a topic with passion, so we’ll remember better, better return and have good results. This allows to associate a positive image to these concepts there. "

"A good student is one who knows his evaluation grid," says Christine Dorigo. Knowing what is expected of you in terms of knowledge and skills, will help you see what to put forward, to anticipate questions. "In a review, there is some strategy as necessary to convince the examiner," says the teacher. These grids are available on the website of Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

"Often the subjects of examinations, including written, are linked in some way to the news," says Sophie Mosnier, teacher development business units in AFIPE school. Besides giving you guidance on possible topics, read professional and specialized press can enrich your knowledge, to confirm that you are curious and you already have professional reflexes.

A review is like a sporting event! If you arrive without energy, so we are sure to miss his departure or not to arrive until the end. Moral: it is important to eat well and sleep well, especially in the previous days events. Food helps provide energy, sleep well, in addition to allowing the brain to recover and record all information acquired in the day. Teachers also advise soothe the soul while playing sports.

6. Understand what is expected of you

Unlike Bac tests where it was enough to "spit" its course, candidates are asked to BTS to use their knowledge to analyze a new situation. This means that we must first understand what is required in the subject. Before you start, take a moment to take stock of the terminology, techniques and tools required to organize your thinking. It will be so much time gained in the end.

7. Make a selection of information

"Too much is the enemy of good," said Sophie Mosnier teacher from AFIPE. Whether written or oral, students tend to want to put too much information, which affects the clarity of purpose. "He does not need it to become confused," says the teacher. Best as it is to select the essential information, including oral, because the jury will not hesitate to ask questions to clarify certain points.

8. put in place of the jury

Imagine you are a member of the jury oral and enter you see a candidate who does not say hello, not smiling and talking under his breath This candidate could be you! Often stress is that we lose the means and forget the essential, or the first impression is decisive. Remember that reviewers are people who are tired, strained and above all you have to convince.

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If projections during oral are not always possible, however the jury must have access to your file. Remember to provide copies of the most important media (eg, dashboards, platelets ), possibly in multiple copies. This will also help to support your about to give you a professional image and be sure not to forget anything.

10. Build on your strengths

Although it is better to be in top form throughout, you may be more comfortable with writing, language or oral. In this case, put the package on your strengths, which will give you confidence for the rest and allow you to compensate for your weaknesses. For example, if you speak face to an audience anguish you, heal your written materials even read a little early And remember that missing a test can catch up.

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